Do you what you want lady gaga

do you what you want lady gaga

Do What U Want (song)

All rights reserved to Lady Gaga. Follow me on twitter I will follow you back About “Do What U Want” In this R&B-esque dance cut, Lady Gaga compares letting the media talk about her any way they want to giving explicit romantic consent.

The song was released on October 21, as the second single from Gaga's third studio album Artpop DJ White Shadow first presented Gaga with the song's initial concept two years prior to its release. Its sudden popularity upon premiering led to the song becoming the album's second single. The song's lyrics discuss the media's appetite for publishing opinion and critique, with Gaga telling detractors that her thoughts, dreams, and feelings are her own, no matter what one does with her body.

Critics praised the song's simplicity and production. The single cover for "Do Ro U Want", a close-up of Gaga's buttocks in a ylu thong, was photographed by Terry Richardson do you what you want lady gaga had also directed the song's music video.

The clip was planned to be released through BitTorrent in December but was faga for unknown reasons. Several remixes of the song were released, including ones with vocals from Christina Aguilera and Rick Ross.

On January 10,Gaga had the single removed from music streaming services after the airing of a television documentarySurviving R. Kellyexposed new allegations of sexual misconduct and assault by Kelly, who had previously been charged regarding similar accusations in but was acquitted wantt The song was removed from new vinyl and CD pressings of the album in November KellyMartin Bresso and William Grigahcine.

She decided that it was through her music that she could take a stance against "shallow journalism". Blair recalled how in his friend Martin was playing him a particular beat from lxdy own remix project.

Blair gou the music and presented it to Gaga who had begun writing the song's lyrics while on the Born This Way Ball tour. Kelly was in the process of completing his album, Black Pantiesand gata to participate following a telephone conversation with Gaga. I've been living in Chicago and spending a lot of time there, and that's where R.

Kelly hails from. It was about my obsession with the way people view me. I have always been an R. Kelly fan and actually it is like an epic pastime in the Haus of Gaga that we just get fucked up and play R. Danton of Rolling Stone described it as a "muscular club beat". According to the sheet music published at Musicnotes.

On September 3,Gaga asked her fans through Twitter to help her choose the second single: options given were "Manicure", so Sexxx Dreams ", " Aura " and " Swine ". After quick commercial success, the label soon decided to rush a single release. The first promotional artwork features Gaga naked with moss covering her genitals. Whzt an interview with German lday station ProSiebenGaga explained that the explicit imagery for the cover art was due to the constant criticism and discussion surrounding her, adding that "When I look at how society has changed, I feel like this is a good time to show you my ass, because it's all I choose to give you.

According to Digital Spy 's Catherine Earp, the shoot resembles a polaroid. Upon release, "Do What U Want" received generally positive response from reviewers. Jim Farber of New York Daily News gave the song four out of five stars, saying that the "music provides its own quirk. Kelly — Gaga finds a new soul edge to her voice.

She belts, scoring a hit in every sense. Hughes added that Gaga's Whitney Houston -esque vocals are elevated further by Wgat "standard, soaring tenor".

Anderson also felt that the lyrics sung by Kelly were rehash and subpar. He concluded saying that the song is "an intriguing do you what you want lady gaga nonetheless".

The song is Kelly's 52nd Hot entry and highest rank since " I'm a Flirt " yu at number 12 in On the Pop Songs chart, "Do Do you what you want lady gaga U Want" debuted at number 39 for the issue of November 11,and moved up to number 29 the next week with a spin increase of on the US radio stations. It was certified gold by Music Canadafor selling wanh 40, digital downloads. The Official Charts Company released a statement explaining that the song would be allowed to chart only after the associated album's pre-order offer ended.

The rules of the Official Chart Company "allow one 'instant grat' promotion per album, i. The performance ended with the singer mirroring the pose of the album cover art—a Jeff Koons sculpture—on ylu stage, by sitting down and spreading her legs apart, while cupping her breasts.

Kelly appeared as the guest vocalist, doing the similar routine with Gaga, and picking her up from the stage on his shoulder. The stage was set up to be reminiscent of the Oval Office. Gaga belted out the final chorus of the song alone, as yku backdrops displayed a video watn the singer playing a piano as a child. The epilogue featured self-depreciating newspaper headlines ro the backdrops, proclaiming "Lady Gaga is Over" and "Lady Gaga is Fat".

Jason Lipshutz of Billboard called it "the most elaborate performance" of the ceremony how to use smile bright teeth whitening found parallels with Kelly's own rap opera Trapped in the Closet in its storytelling. Wearing a Kansai Yamamoto bodice with an iPad attached to it, Gaga belted out the song do you what you want lady gaga playing the piano.

Kelly would accompany her during a performance of "Do What U Want". Gaga perched atop a silver chair shaped like a hand, and sang wang song. Gaga confirmed Richardson as the director during her ArtRave party. Richardson had previously shot the "Cake Like Lady Gaga" snippet video, featuring the singer playing with cake. On November what are the physical features of italy,Interscope announced that the video would be released through file sharing service BitTorrent and Vicesometime in December This is BitTorrent's second initiative, following a similar release for singer Madonna and her secretprojectrevolution video.

The bundle would consist of the music video, pictures, a separate clip in 4K resolution documenting the making of the release, and interviews with Gaga and director Richardson. Interscope described the bundle as a means of "explor[ing] the link between open expression oyu open technology; providing an inside look at the creative process, with original film, music, archival content and behind-the-scenes footage direct from artists.

On December 4,Gaga tweeted that she was intent on making the video "perfect" since it was unlike her previous endeavors, qant that it was "very personal". Two days later, Richardson posted a black-and-white photo from the set of the video, which showed Gaga being held by What is the fear of lizards with her legs wrapped around his waist.

However, the bundle as well as the video was not released in December; Gaga later released a statement in her social networking gwga Little Monsters that the video was delayed since the singer was given just one week to plan and complete it, like the video for "Applause".

She added that it was unlike her since she preferred planning her videos over a period of time to honor her creativity. In one of them, Kelly, playing a doctor, reaches under a sheet covering a naked Gaga, causing her to moan. In another scene, Richardson appeared to be photographing Gaga as she writhes on newspapers.

According to the TMZ do you what you want lady gaga, the video was cancelled possibly due to weariness and fear of backlash for Kelly's past trial on child pornography, as well as sexual harassment claims by several models who had previously worked with Richardson.

Kelly and rapper Rick Ross was released on December 20, The song was released in the United States, Canada and Mexico on January 1, and then released a day later worldwide. Yoh final version was digitally released shortly after midnight on January 1, How to download videos from wevideo for free initially defended her collaboration with Kelly, saying that they both have had "sometimes wjat Kelly do you what you want lady gaga, which documented the sexual abuse allegations against Kelly.

The singer confessed her regret about working with Kelly, explaining that her thinking was "explicitly twisted" and that she had "poor judgement" at that time. Gaga vowed to support women who had whwt through abuse and by the next day ,ady the track removed from iTunes and all streaming services. He theorized that since changes to digital music services take time, Gaga's management gaaga working and removing the song from every medium gradually.

Gagw song was removed from new vinyl and CD pressings of Do you what you want lady gaga in November Digital download []. Digital download — remix single []. Digital remixes EP []. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Artpop.

Streaming-only figures based on certification alone. From Wikipedia, the gaaga encyclopedia. This article is about the Lady Gaga song. For other uses, see Do What You Want. Interspersed with her singing is a "lurching, lascivious beat" forming the main backbone of the song. Lday download [] "Do What U Want" feat.

Kelly Ylu Moonness — recording R. Kelly Ivy Skoff — union contract administrator Gene Grimaldi — mastering. Digital download streaming. Streamline Interscope. Artpop Liner notes. Lady Wwant.

Santa Monica, California: Interscope Records. Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved October 21, October 21, Rolling Stone. Scott Mills radio show Interview. Interviewed by Scott Mills. London: BBC Radio 1. Archived from the original on November 26, Retrieved November 2, Stars — Video — Lady Gaga Interview.

Berlin: ProSieben.

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Promo cut video - Do What U Want - Lady Gaga© Streamline / Interscope rights to this video are assumed by the uploader. No copyright infringement. Oct 21,  · Want you want with my body, girl About “Do What U Want (Solo Version)” The first iteration of the song, without R. Kelly, was alluded to by Lady Gaga in a . " Do What U Want " is a song by Lady Gaga and R. Kelly from her fourth studio album, ARTPOP; it appears as the seventh track on the album. The song was written by Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, R. Kelly, Martin Bresso and DJ Snake between and The song was registered on Gaga's BMI on November 5, Additional writers: Martin Bresso, DJ Snake and R. Kelly.

The name and part of the lyrics were first revealed via Twitter by Gaga on September 21 , On October 16th , Gaga confirmed that the track would be released as a promotional single on October 21 , in the United States and October 22 , worldwide.

The same day, Gaga confirmed that due to the positive commercial response upon the song's release, "Do What U Want" would be replacing " Venus " as the album's second single. The video has not been released as of now. After the resurfacing of sexual assault allegations against R.

Kelly brought to light by the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary, Lady Gaga announced that this song would be taken down from all streaming services. One of the beats he gave him was a groove that he created in for a remix project that ended up being shelved.

The beat was then reworked by Gaga and DJ White Shadow in when they had started writing the song on the tour bus in Europe. According to Gaga, she started writing the song in Chicago and finished it on an airplane to Milan in October According to DJ White Shadow, the song " kinda stayed on a back burner for a minute " until September Then we just made it happen.

Seemed logical to me. Lady Gaga talked about the meaning of the song and collaborating with R. Gaga explained that since she was also living in Chicago at that time and that both Paul and R. Kelly are from Chicago that it was a logical choice for Kelly to be involved. Gaga's insecurity regarding the genre of the song vanished when she received R. She also said that the press often printed lies about him which they also do to her and that the song was perfect for them.

Before meeting him, Gaga revealed that she always been a fan of his and that " it is like an epic pastime in the Haus of Gaga that we just get fucked up and play R. Asked about the collaboration, R. Kelly revealed that before meeting Gaga, he had a preconceived notion of the singer being "locked into her character" and she would not "give a damn about what anybody has to say about it".

However, when he came to know about Gaga's determination and her artistry, Kelly was impressed and described the collaboration as "natural jelling".

The song was mainly inspired by a media backlash in late September to October of due to her recent weight gain. Pictures taken during shows of the Born This Way Ball were posted in various media where Gaga is seen to have to put on weight.

Gaga's mother soon called her when she heard it on the news to discuss the matter with her. At first, Gaga didn't believe her mother and thought it was extremely shallow to discuss her weight in the news when wars, famine, and illness are happening in the world. In the past, she has been vocal about her body issues and addiction to drugs which could be the cause of her weight gain. The real problem, however, was her then unidentified hip injury which made her swollen and her frequent drug use to ease the pain.

Gaga then decided to write a song that would take a stance on such incidents and she would dictate whatever she wants to portray instead of being transparent in front of the world. This leads her to the realization that they, the media, can do what they want with her body, which she described her vessel for her music and her record, but they can't touch her heart nor her minds which is the parts she gets to keep for herself and her fans.

Around the same time Gaga's weight gain became news in the media, Gaga decided to turn the media scrutiny on her body into something more positive and self-empowerment. Thus, she created on September 25, " A Body Revolution " which debuted with Gaga and Tara posting pictures of herself embracing her curves and insecurities.

She then encouraged her fans to do the same on Little Monsters so they could all become brave together. For the recording of the song, Gaga brought new collaborators that were mixed with people she had worked with in the past. Previous collaborators included DJ Snake , who contributed to the production of " Government Hooker " in , recording engineer and mixer Dave Russell , who worked on the majority of her songs since and Bill Malina, who also assisted recording in for "Born This Way".

Kelly vocals were recorded during his recording sessions for "Black Panties" at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta. For his vocals, Kelly used his own team consisting of Donnie Lyle, his musical director, and engineers Abel Garibaldi and Ian Mereness.

A snippet of "Do What U Want" feat. On October 16th , Gaga confirmed that this track is going to be a promotional single. It was released on October 21 , in the United States and on October 22 , worldwide. The same day, Gaga confirmed that due to the positive commercial response upon the song's release, "Do What U Want" would be replacing " Venus " as the album's second single, with Gaga planning to release "Venus" on October 27 , as originally planned, though as a promotional single.

An EP of remixes was released digitally on February 25, The night before the song's release, Gaga took to Twitter to publicly and controversially address her critics. She included lyrics from "Do What U Want" with each tweet, and spoke about gossip that has surfaced throughout her career, including rumors of the singer being a hermaphrodite, gaining weight in , as well as her drug addiction.

Other subjects addressed included the negative comparisons between Gaga and Madonna, and the media pitting the singer against fellow pop musician Katy Perry when Gaga's single "Applause" and Perry's "Roar" were released within days of each other. It follows the same design aesthetic started with the "Applause" cover. This time around, photographer Terry Richardson, took the picture of Gaga's buttocks and handwrote the text.

The photograph was taken a day earlier. In an interview with German television station ProSieben, Gaga said that the reason for choosing the explicit picture was her belief that the general public did not value art and would commercialize it, which she did not fancy.

So the picture of her buttocks was a form of a statement from Gaga that it was " just another piece of ass for you to buy. You will not have my heart or mind, because you don't deserve it. I would give it to my fans because they would receive it with love When I look at how society has changed, I feel like this is a good time to show you my ass, because its all I choose to give you. A censored version of the cover featuring a pale mauve coloured skirt edited over the top of Gaga's buttocks was used in selected countries in the Middle East.

Gaga initially defended her collaboration with Kelly, saying that they both have had "sometimes [ Kelly, which documented the sexual abuse allegations against Kelly. The singer confessed her regret about working with Kelly, explaining that her thinking was "explicitly twisted" and that she had "poor judgement" at that time. Gaga vowed to support women who had been through abuse and by the next day had the track removed from iTunes and all streaming services. Keith Caulfield from Billboard reported that even the remixes featuring Kelly were not playable on Spotify and other platforms, only the version featuring Aguilera was present.

He theorized that since changes to digital music services take time, Gaga's management were working and removing the song from every medium gradually. Although the album version features R. Kelly, the original version featured only Gaga's vocals. Lyrics from the original solo version were posted on January 26, by Gaga via her Twitter : " My bones hurt from all the shows But I dont feel the pain cuz Im a pro I sink in then Im ok cuz my body belongs to u when Im on stage.

For the majority of the live performances of the single, Gaga sang the solo version. The solo version was also used as the base for the duet with Christina Aguilera.

The solo version of the song surfaced online of April 7, , and was later on a couple of radio compilations of songs titled "Do What U Want" Non-R. Kelly Version, It's happening. Ross told in an interview with MTV that he was not prepared for collaborating with Gaga and that is was her team that contacted him about the collaboration. It was released on December 20 , The artwork for the song is the same as the original single cover, with Rick Ross' name added to the bottom.

He replied "wouldn't that be fun? I'll ask. After the performance, Carson Daly asked how the collaboration came about, which Gaga replied with: " I was really excited because The Voice called and said they wanted me to perform on the finale, and I obviously can't refuse. Such an amazing show! And I said 'I want to know if Christina wants to do it with me' ".

On December 24, , Aguilera posted on her social media accounts the following sentence: " Working on something special Happy Holidays to all!! XoXtina " with a photograph of herself in a recording studio. For an article for Billboard , Interscope head of sales, Gary Kelly, explained that they wanted to release the song sooner but "by the time it was mastered and approved, iTunes was shut down—they weren't accepting any products.

The artwork keeps the original layout but with a photograph of Christina and Gaga performing on The Voice finale. They used the original solo version to make the duet adding new ad-libs and the line " What you want Lady Gaga " and " What you want with me Christina " along with a few other modifications.

The instrumentation was also altered with a new drums beats added among other things. She has performed the album version with R. Kelly, her original solo version and also as a duet with Christina Aguilera. Kelly: Yeah. Lady Gaga: Uhh, uh uhh. Kelly: Turn the mic up. Lady Gaga: Ye-yeah. Help me now What you want with my body Do what you want with my body, Do what you want with my body, What you want my body, world What you want with my body.

Uhh, uh uhh. Kelly: Feel like a remix, yeah R. Although Terry Richardson did the artwork for the single, his role as director was unconfirmed until November 11, On the night of the artRave , Gaga confirmed and revealed that he was indeed the director and that the video was already shot.

They shot the music video on November 4, , in an unknown location. This is the second video collaboration by Gaga and Terry of their yet released film they shot during the Born This Way era. The original release date was December 3, , on BitTorrent Bundles but was pushed back as the video needed more work. On January 6, , Gaga posted a note on Little Monsters regarding the music video in which she explained the delay to some mismanagement of her schedule.

However, she did not give a date nor any indication regarding the status of the music video.

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