Fallout 3 how to find galaxy news radio

fallout 3 how to find galaxy news radio

How do I get to galaxy radio station?

Quest Start: Three Dog, Galaxy News Radio Building, Capital Wasteland; Find the Museum of Technology. Your first goal is to find the Museum of Technology. Start by going straight down the stairs from Three Dog, then straight through the door. Head all the way down the long stairwell where you'll find a door marked Exit that leads to Dupont Circle. The Direct Path to Galaxy News Radio is through Farragut West Metro Station To Chevy Chase. Farragut West Metro Station is south east of the small bridge .

Fallout 3 contains several in-game radio stations. The what does different colours mean diverse and important station is Galaxy News Radio. Many players of the evil persuasion know that you can kill Three Dog and he will be replaced by the technician Margaret. She is not a charismatic person and has very little to say, seeming to not enjoy her new announcing duties.

She also never appears in person, and therefore cannot be killed. Once Three Dog is dead, you're stuck with Margaret. Many of these exist in real life and some hypothesize that they are a nuclear retaliation control network. Simply check Wikipedia for more information about these odd broadcasts as they relate to the real world. Back to Fallout No one is really sure which actions are needed to hear the numbers station in Fallout 3.

It appears that you must kill Three Dog, because no one has reported hearing the numbers station with him still alive. It also appears that you have to skip over the quest "Galaxy News Radio" where you help boost the signal so that the station can be broadcast further than just the immediate DC area.

This is easy enough to do with either a speech check or simply using the Fallout Wiki to look up where to go next and advance the main plot. Finally, you definitely how to apply for unemployment benefits in ma to destroy Raven Rock. This is the actual trigger to turn GNR into a numbers station, and it will remain such for the rest of the game.

However, the vast majority of the players who perform these three actions still continue hearing the standard GNR broadcasts, how to use the fork and knife there must be several more requirements the community has yet to isolate.

If you're lucky enough to have hit upon the right set of circumstances, just after destroying Raven Rock, you will get the message, "Radio signal lost" and a few seconds later, "Radio signal found. Luckily, Raven Rock is situated in the mountains and is right near one of the few places outside DC that you can get high enough to catch the signal.

So far, the confirmed location to hear the GNR numbers signal are:. When you tune in, you will hear an old familiar voice Three Dog, despite the fact that you killed him earlier. However, you will quickly notice that he does not seem to be "in character. He reads a series of numbers in a monotone, depressed sounding voice. He always recites a list of single digits between 9 and 12 characters long.

For example, "nine-three-seven-nine-one-seven-two-zero-three-four. All other music tracks seem to be inactive on the numbers station. The Morse code was the easiest part of the mystery to crack, as the code is widely available and many people actually know it by heart.

We quickly had a list of a great number of messages in English. Some sounded completely mundane and even comical, such as "Washed the car today, maybe Chinese for dinner," or "Have you watched my YouTube video yet, I uploaded myself kicking bums in the nuts. You may be saying, "But wait, YouTube doesn't exist in the Fallout universe," and you are right. As far as we could tell, all of the messages sounded like they were based in our reality somewhere near present day.

Some of the messages, however, are quite sinister, such as, "The Queen has died today. The world mourns, as on days like these, we are all Brits," or "I can't believe they're actually done it.

Not long fallout 3 how to find galaxy news radio. The noise. I can't take the noise anymore. I have a pistol in the attic. Just recently, a player on the wiki forums noticed a message that brought to light the meaning of the messages. He was reading a thread that collected all known messages, transposed from Morse to English, and saw the line, "one-two-zero-five-five-two-eight-two-zero-one-zero.

What are you talkin' about? You'll be missed. He immediately scanned through the messages to try and find more examples of this apparent future telling by a game that's more than a year old. The next message he read shocked him and pushed him to enlist the aid of the others to decipher the codes.

The message was "nine-four-five-four-two-zero-two-zero-one-zero. Accident in the gulf, several dead. Oil spill apparently averted. From this point on, all numbers will be transcribed as times and dates. All times were given in game in military format and remain so in this document. Numerous members of the Fallout Wiki message board began looking over the messages to see what else we could learn.

We quickly found that most of the dates were after the game had been released, yet oddly some were from the what is wrong with my dog he is shaking. Johnson better not cheat me out of the payment. As the community quickly started piling up interpretations of the messages, the mods of the site summarily banned everyone who had posted in, or even read the thread.

All reference to the numbers station was removed from Fallout Wiki and filtering software was fallout 3 how to find galaxy news radio in place to prevent reposting of any relevant information. A few people, however, are trading emails and slowly finishing the translation of the remaining messages and putting dates to the existing ones.

The world mourns, as on days like these, we are all Brits. They were warned, but they just had to fallout 3 how to find galaxy news radio pushing the boundaries of science.

And the light, dear God! The Universe is slowly unraveling around us. I'm not going to wait for death. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Fallout 3: Galaxy News Radio Quest Walkthrough (Main Quest) - Guide by Carl

Fallout 3 Where is Galaxy News Radio? Fallout 3 Series, This quest in Fallout 3 pissed me offfff soooo much! Fallout 3 Galaxy news radio quest, my journey to. Part 1 As you explored the disheveled Galaxy News Radio building, you likely noticed a staircase leading down several stairs to a locked door. Well, now that you've spoken to Three Dog, that door. I defeated the game once, and bypassed this portion of the story. Now I can't find how to get tot GNR to save my life. I went through the subway tunnel across the river from the Super Duper Mart like the Pipboy told me to, and came up near the National Guard Armory where the Super Mutants and the Raiders are battling and you get caught in the middle.

By , Galaxy News Radio had been repurposed by Three Dog into a community radio station that reported on the happenings around the Capital Wasteland. An energetic man named Three Dog created the radio station in with the help of a technician named Margaret. By it is the most popular radio station in the Capital Wasteland. Three Dog also provides a commentary on the actions of the Lone Wanderer. The station plays music from a selection of twenty pre-War songs. These songs all focus around s American hits.

This radio station plays more or less late 40s blues, pop, and some early 50s proto-rockabilly, compared to the Enclave radio who play more traditional patriotic songs. Three Dog operates the station as part of the "Good Fight," which he explains is his attempt to inform inhabitants of the Capital Wasteland how "things really are" and expose the Enclave 's true intentions.

The reason the station has such a limited track list is that they are the only records they have been able to locate in playable condition. As the Lone Wanderer advances throughout the game, they will periodically hear Three Dog report on their exploits, each based on how they handled a given situation. For example, if the Lone Wanderer disarms the nuke as part of The Power of the Atom , Three Dog will mention this event specifically in a news broadcast.

Before each quest-related news broadcast, Three Dog will refer to the Lone Wanderer by their current Karma level. For example, if their current Karma ranking is Paladin , Three Dog will introduce them by stating, "A Paladin walks among us children.

And no, this ain't one of our buddies from the Brotherhood. I'm talking about the knight in shining Vault suit. If Three Dog dies, he will be relieved on-air by Margaret, his technician.

She is far less charismatic and active than Three Dog and will simply play record after record, occasionally breaking in to announce that she has taken over for the normal DJ because he is dead and all she has to play are the records. Margaret's broadcasts will continue for the duration of the game; she cannot be encountered in any sense.

A Galaxy News Radio also known as Silver Shroud Radio appears in the Commonwealth, however, it is not the news, survival advice, and big band music broadcast by Three Dog. It has a limited range centered around Goodneighbor , extending as far west as Boston Common and as far north as Pickman Gallery. The following twenty licensed tracks cycle on Galaxy News Radio, listed here by song title and performer in the order found in the Fallout 3 credits.

Note that parts of the song "Jazzy Interlude" are played at the beginning and end of The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood broadcasts. Three Dog comments on the song he is about to play. After a short time of gameplay, he will stop announcing the song. He may also make conclusions, simply saying "That was" and the artist with the name of the song. If Three-Dog dies, Margaret will take his place on the radio as the acting DJ and announce the songs instead.

Three Dog reports three types of news generic, quest-specific, and public service announcement and occasionally plays one drama. Quest-specific news covers both main and side quests. There are three options pertaining to each of them: unresolved, path A and path B. Not all quests will have all paths. Produced by Three Dog a few years prior to , it was created in the style of the radio plays from before the Great War. Unlike the pre-War plays, these stories are all true, according to Dashwood [1] and evidenced by the corpse of Argyle at Rockopolis.

They are often played and became a favorite program across the Capital Wasteland. The three must survive and defeat a nasty horde of super mutants. The three arrive in Rockopolis , and Penelope reveals a secret. This also fixes lag in the GNR radio station and Enclave radio station because your Pip-Boy reads it as an error not having Agatha's station in Version 1. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. What's a "disc"? Hell if I know. But I'm gonna keep talkin' anyway. Play sound Fo3 Threedog Discjockey. Play sound Fo3 Threedog preparetobe. How you kids handlin' Post-Apocalyptia today? Play sound Fo3 Threedog one dog ain't enoug. Play sound Fo3 threedog yourvoiceinthedarkn. Play sound Fo3 Threedog Loudandproud. Play sound Fo3 Three Dog Little hearts.

Play sound Fo3 ThreeDog iamyourhost. Play sound Fo3 ThreeDog allyouneedtoknow. Play sound Fo3 ThreeDog whatsupwastelanders. Play sound Fo3 three dog stuff goin' down. Play sound Fo3 Three dog Andheresme. Play sound Fo3 ThreeDog ahyes. Play sound Fo3 ThreeDog Weinterrupt. Play sound Fo3 three dog News time.

Play sound Fo3 Three Dog bitofsnews. Play sound Fo3 BS twohundredyearoldSalisbur. I've been getting some scattered reports that a couple of costumed kooks have been battling for control of the settlement called Canterbury Commons.

One of these wackos seems to be assisted by robots, and the other by mutated bugs. Every day it seems to be the same nutty scene, with the scuffles ending in a stalemate. So if your travels take you to Canterbury Commons, keep your head down and your assault rifle loaded for crazy.

Tune in later for our 5-day forecast. It's been two weeks since our boys in Power Armor kicked those Enclave bastards out of Project Purity, and started that baby chugging. Now you all remember James, right? Father of ? Well, Three Dog has learned that back in the day, James' wife had a dream. See, she was a scientist too, worked on that project. You know what she wanted? Free and clean, for any and all. But even better, it's finally happened!

The water is clean, and hell yes, it's free! Just a little patience, children. As I speak, the Brotherhood is working with Rivet City security to get that fresh water to the Wasteland. The caravans are coming! So get your glasses ready, children. This round's on me. But that would be impossible, right?

Nobody would have the power, the opportunity, or the giant gorilla-sized balls to destroy the Citadel. Wrong, my children. So very wrong. I really can't believe I'm saying this, but the concrete casa of those shiny guys with big guns has gone kablooey. As reported by loads of people around the Capital Wasteland, missiles rained down from the sky and left the Citadel a big smoking crater. And, my sources tell me, this is the same hail of hellfire that destroyed Liberty Prime himself.

Looks like an Enclave super weapon at work. It's a dark day for us all, when someone sees fit to destroy the only guys standing between us and complete obliteration. Why, ? Why has it come to this?

Children, pray for the soul of that lone wanderer, and pray for the rest of us too, while you're at it. Vault Now, believe it or not, this one's still got people livin' in it! And every few years or so, someone comes scrabblin' out. Well wouldn't you know it, someone's come out of it again! And, I kid you not, he came to visit yours truly right here in the studio!

Now, this cat, James is his name, had been in a hole for years! He needed to know what was what out here in the beautiful Capital Wasteland! So I, the great and powerful Three Dog, set my brother straight.

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