How old was olivia newton john when she did grease

how old was olivia newton john when she did grease

Nov 03, How old was Olivia Newton-John when she starred in Grease? Olivia Newton-John was born on 26 September , meaning she celebrated her 71st . Aug 02, Olivia Newton-John almost turned down the role because she thought she was too old to be playing a year-old. Little did she know, year-olds .

Subscriber Account active since. More than four decades after its release, "Grease" remains one of the most how old was olivia newton john when she did grease movies of all time. Its killer soundtrack lives on today thanks to a reimagined touring musical a for-TV live musical aired in on Fox and John Travolta's and Olivia Newton-John's performances remain some of their best.

While the movie focuses on the lives and romances of high school students, the actors who played the principal characters had graduated high school many years before filming. In fact, director Randal Kleiser told Vanity Fair he had to do a "crow's-feet" test to make sure none of the cast looked too old for the part. What cell phones do to your brain reading to see each "Grease" star's actual age compared to that of their on-screen character.

The film "Grease" is based on a musical of the same name. It focuses on the relationship of American high school student Danny Zuko and Australian vacationer Sandy Olsson, who fall in love during the summer but fear they won't see each other again.

But Sandy's parents decide not to return to Australia and she enrolls at Rydell High, where Danny is the leader of the T-Birds greaser gang. After realizing they now attend the same school, Danny proves his "coolness" by making fun of her in front of his friends, Sandy joins the Pink Ladies, and the two play a game of cat and mouse until finally confessing their mutual love for one another.

Although Sandy tells the Pink Ladies during "Summer Nights" that Danny "was sweet, just turned 18," Travolta is older than his character by a few years. However, Travolta who had already starred in "Saturday Night Fever" when "Grease" came out was still younger than some of his castmates. After Danny messes things up, Sandy spends some time with the jock Tom but eventually realizes Danny is the one that she wants.

At the end of the film, she dresses as a female T-Bird to win him back. The British-Australian singer-songwriter was more than 10 years older than her character while filming "Grease.

When Newton-John was cast for "Grease," she had almost no acting experience but was already a bona fide pop star, with five No. Rizzo spends most of the movie acting as the tough leader of the female greaser gang. But when a rumor about her what year did ulysses s grant die how old was olivia newton john when she did grease starts to circulate through the halls of Rydell High School, she realizes she isn't as tough as she acts.

That's right, Channing was almost double the age of her "Grease" character. According to Vanity Fairthe year-old actress "was the oldest of the principal actors cast. Two years after the movie was released, she went on to star in her own sitcom, "The Stockard Channing Show.

Kenickie is Rizzo's love interest and is also the owner of the Greased Lightnin' car that Danny uses how old was olivia newton john when she did grease the drag race against Leo, the leader of the T-Birds' rival gang, the Scorpions. When Conaway starred in the Broadway rendition of "Grease" in the early '70s, he was much closer to the age Rydell High School students would have been.

But at 26, Conaway graduated high school years before his on-screen character did. Marty spends the majority of the movie trying to act more mature than her fellow high school classmates and does so by flirting with older men, most notably Vince Fontaine, the host of Rydell's televised school dance. Manoff was only older than Marty by four years, making her one of the actors closest in age to their characters in "Grease. Sonny is equal how old was olivia newton john when she did grease cocky and stubborn.

He's also a bit of a trickster he spikes the punch at the school dance and doesn't hold back when making fun of the Pink Ladies. Michael Tucci was more than 10 years older than his character and older than all of his co-stars except Stockard Channing, who was With just a few days left until graduation from Rydell High School, Frenchy drops out to enroll in beauty school and accidentally dyes her hair pink. Her most famous scene is arguably when Frankie Avalon appears as her guardian angel and sings "Beauty School Dropout," which, paired with her pink hair, persuades her to return to Rydell.

Conn had appeared in multiple TV shows and movies before hitting it big with "Grease. Doody is the T-Birds' comedic relief. During the movie, he ends up with Frenchy and, based on her scrapbook, got his nickname for supposedly looking like the TV-famous puppet Howdy Doody. Prior to his stint as Doody, Pearl played Sonny in the musical tour, according to Lancaster Online. Jan rocked some iconic pigtails that helped convince audience members that she was a high school student.

Donnelly told People in that she had to dye her prematurely gray hair to look the part of a high schooler. Putzie is a bit clumsier and less cool than the other T-Birds.

He famous says that Jan is a "cheap date," but she somehow takes it as a compliment and their relationship grows throughout the film. Ward was only two or three years older than his character, making for the most realistic portrayal of a high school student what was minimum wage in 1975 the main cast. Leo wasn't a Rydell student so he either attended St. Bernadette's with his girlfriend, Cha-Cha, or was a dropout.

Stewart was more than a decade older than his "Grease" character. In addition to starring in "Grease 2" inhe appeared in numerous TV series through the early '90s.

Cha-Cha is a student at a different school in town, St. Following her role in "Grease" and a string of TV appearances in the '70s and '80s, the actress went back to school as Annette Cardona. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and theater from Antioch University Los Angeles and a master's degree in social work from New York University, according to California State University, Northridgewhere she was a professor.

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Flipboard Pinterest icon The letter "P" styled to look like a thumbtack pin. Pinterest Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link. But none of the cast members were in their teens, including Olivia Newton-John, who was Jamie Donnelly, who was 30 at the time, had to dye her hair to play Jan because it was turning grey.

Visit Insider's how to make easy indian fry bread for more stories. Danny Zuko is 18 during his senior year at Rydell High School. John Travolta was 23 when "Grease" was filmed in Sandy Olsson, Danny's love interest, is 17 or 18 in "Grease. Olivia Newton-John turned 29 while filming "Grease.

Betty Rizzo, leader of the Pink Ladies, is also 18 in the movie. She was played by thenyear-old Stockard Channing, the oldest of the main cast. Kenickie, second in command of the T-Birds, is also either 17 or Actor Jeff Conaway was actually 26 at the time. The year-old Marty Maraschino is another member of the Pink Ladies. She was played by the second-youngest main cast member, Dinah Manoff, who was 21 at the time.

Michael Tucci was the second-oldest cast member at The pink-haired Pink Ladies member Frenchy is also 17 or Frenchy was played by Didi Conn, who was 26 while filming during the summer of The goofy T-Bird, Doody, is also 17 or Barry Pearl was 27 when he played Doody. Jan, a year-old member of the Pink Ladies, had an affection for sweets and was dating Putzie. Jamie How to call class in asp net, who played Jan, was actually The or year-old Putzie famously hits Kenickie in the head with his car door ahead of the T-Birds' drag race with the Scorpions.

Kelly Ward was the youngest of the main cast members at Leo Balmudo, who was also 17 or 18, was the leader of the T-Birds' rival gang, the Scorpions. He was played by Dennis Stewart, who turned 30 while filming "Grease. Actress Annette Charles was 29 at the time. Movies MSN Noteworthy.

Olivia Newton-John thought she was too old to play Sandy in Grease

Newton-John insisted on a screen test for the role of Sandy Olsson in Grease (), concerned she didn't have the acting skills and also that she would look too old to be a high school student. She made the screen test and got the role, which had originally been meant for actress Susan Dey (who played Laurie Partridge in The Partridge Family (), but turned down the role on her manager's. Oct 01, Quick Facts Name Olivia Newton-John Birth Date September 26, (age 72) Did You Know? Olivia Newton-John's maternal grandfather is renowned physicist Max Born (). 10 hours ago Olivia Newton-John thought she was too old to play Sandy in Grease. YouTube. Olivia Newton-John starred in Grease as Sandy, the goodie-two-shoes new girl who was sorely out of place with the Pink Ladies. While Newton-John definitely pulled off the innocent high school act, she was significantly older than her character.

She has sold an estimated million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. In , she starred in the musical film Grease , whose soundtrack remains one of the most successful in history. It features two major hit duets with co-star John Travolta : " You're the One That I Want " which ranks as one of the best-selling singles of all time and " Summer Nights ".

Newton-John has been a long-time activist for environmental and animal rights issues. She has been an advocate for health awareness, becoming involved with various charities, health products and fundraising efforts. Newton-John's maternal grandmother was of paternal Jewish ancestry as well; through her, she is a third cousin of comedian Ben Elton.

Newton-John is the youngest of three children, following her brother Hugh , a medical doctor, and her sister Rona an actress who was married to the Grease co-star Jeff Conaway from until their divorce in In , when she was six, her family emigrated to Melbourne , Australia, where her father worked as a professor of German and as the master of Ormond College at the University of Melbourne.

At 14, Newton-John formed a short-lived all-girl group, Sol Four, with three classmates often performing in a coffee shop owned by her brother-in-law.

She also appeared on The Go!! Show where she met future duet partner, singer Pat Carroll , and future music producer, John Farrar Carroll and Farrar would later marry. She was initially reluctant to use the prize she had won, a trip to Great Britain, but traveled there nearly a year later after her mother encouraged her to broaden her horizons.

She repeatedly booked trips back to Australia that her mother would subsequently cancel. The two formed a duo called "Pat and Olivia" and toured nightclubs in Europe. Dressed primly in frilly, high-collared dresses, they were unaware that this was a strip club until they began to perform onstage. In , the group starred in a "science fiction musical" film and recorded an accompanying soundtrack album , on RCA Records , both named after the group. Neither track became a chart success and the project failed with the group disbanding.

She made frequent appearances on Cliff Richard 's weekly show, It's Cliff Richard , [20] and starred with him in the telefilm The Case. Subsequent singles including " Banks of the Ohio " No. However, her fortune changed with the release of " Let Me Be There " in The song reached the American top 10 on the Pop No. The record was also called Let Me Be There in Australia; however, the US and Canadian versions featured an alternate track list that mixed new cuts with selections from Olivia and also recycled six songs from If Not for You , which was going out of print.

The song was chosen for Newton-John by the British public out of six possible entries. Newton-John later admitted that she disliked the song. All the Eurovision entries were dropped for different and more country-flavoured tunes intended to capitalise on the success of "Let Me Be There"; the North American outing not only used selections from Long Live Love but also Olivia and Music Makes My Day , and only the titular cut was new.

Written and composed by Jeff Barry and Peter Allen , [20] the ballad became her first Pop number-one staying there for two weeks , second AC number-one for three weeks and third top 10 Country No. The success of both singles helped the album reach No.

First Impressions respectively. In America, Newton-John's country success sparked a debate among purists, who took issue with a foreigner singing country-flavoured pop music being equated with native Nashville artists. The album generated two singles the John Farrar -penned title track No. Please " No. Her streak of five consecutive gold top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot ended when the album's first single, " Something Better to Do ", stopped at No. Although her albums still achieved gold status, she did not return to the top 10 on the Hot or Billboard charts again until Newton-John's singles continued to easily top the AC chart, where she ultimately amassed ten No.

Newton-John also continued to reach the Country top 10 where she tallied seven top 10 singles through 's " Come on Over " No.

By mid, Newton-John's pop, AC and country success all suffered a slight blow. MCA also had the option of extending the contract for six more records and three more years; and if the artist did not deliver on time, MCA was allegedly allowed to increase the term of the commitment to account for the lateness.

This delay occurred around the same time she was working on Grease for RSO Records , and the postponement arguably gave MCAwhich seemed to want to keep its hold on the performerthe right to exercise its option, extend its contract and stop her from signing with another enterprise.

Newton-John also did not deliver a "newly optioned" album. Ultimately, Newton-John was forbidden from offering her recording services to another label until the five-year pact had run its course; however, the original covenant was not automatically elongated, even though Newton-John had not duly supplied the total sum of vinyls indicated in the contract. As a result of the lawsuit, record companies changed their contracts to be based on a set number of albums recorded by a musician and not a specific number of years.

Newton-John's career soared after she starred in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Grease in She was offered the lead role of Sandy after meeting producer Allan Carr at a dinner party at Helen Reddy 's home. Grease became the biggest box-office hit of Newton-John became the second woman after Linda Ronstadt in to have two singles "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "Summer Nights" in the Billboard top 5 simultaneously.

The film's popularity has endured through the years. It was re-released for its 20th anniversary in [39] and ranked as the second highest-grossing film behind Titanic in its opening weekend. Newton-John contends: "I think the songs are timeless.

They're fun and have great energy. The '50s-feel music has always been popular, and it's nostalgic for my generation, and then the young kids are rediscovering it every 10 years or so, it seems.

People buying the album was a way for them to remember those feelings of watching the movie and feelings of that time period. I feel very grateful to be a part of this movie that's still loved so much. Newton-John's transformation in Grease from goody-goody "Sandy 1" to spandex-clad "Sandy 2" emboldened Newton-John to do the same with her music career. In November , she released her next studio album, Totally Hot , which became her first solo top 10 No.

Later that year, she appeared in her first film since Grease , starring in the musical Xanadu with Gene Kelly and Michael Beck. Although the film was a critical failure, its soundtrack No. The film has since become a cult classic and the basis for a Broadway show that ran for more than performances beginning in and was nominated for four Tony Awards including Best Musical. Newton-John explains: "I just wasn't in the mood for tender ballads. I wanted peppy stuff because that's how I'm feeling.

The single was certified platinum and it ultimately ranked as the biggest song of the decade. In , Billboard ranked the song No. The provocative lyrics of the "Physical" title track prompted two Utah radio stations to ban the single from their playlists.

She pioneered the nascent music video industry by recording a video album for Physical featuring videos of all the album's tracks and three of her older hits. Newton-John asserts: "Like everyone, I've got different sides of my personality. I've my dominant self, my need-to-be-dominated self, the sane Olivia and the crazy Olivia. Playing these different characters gave me a chance to show strange parts people haven't seen much. The success of Physical led to an international tour and the release of her second hits collection, the double platinum Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol.

The special was subsequently released to video, earning Newton-John another Grammy nomination. Newton-John re-teamed with Travolta in for the critically and commercially unsuccessful Two of a Kind , [60] redeemed by its platinum soundtrack No. Newton-John released another video package, the Grammy-nominated Twist of Fate , featuring videos of her four songs on the Two of a Kind soundtrack and the two new singles from Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol.

Newton-John's music career cooled again with the release of her next studio album, the gold Soul Kiss No. The album's only charted single was the title track No. Due to her pregnancy, Newton-John limited her publicity for the album. The video album for Soul Kiss featured only five of the album's ten tracks concept videos for the album's singles "Soul Kiss" and "Toughen Up" as well as performance videos of the tracks "Culture Shock", "Emotional Tangle" and "The Right Moment".

After a nearly three-year hiatus following the birth of her daughter Chloe in January , Newton-John resumed her recording career with the album, The Rumour. Both the single No. Ironically, this album was praised by critics as more mature with Newton-John addressing topics such as AIDS, the environment and single-parent households. In September , Newton-John released her self-described "self-indulgent" album, Warm and Tender , which reunited her with producer John Farrar, absent from her previous LP, and also marked a return to a more wholesome image of herself.

Inspired by her daughter, who appeared on the cover, the album featured lullabies and love songs for parents and their children. Newton-John was primed for another comeback in when she compiled her third hits collection, Back to Basics: The Essential Collection , and planned her first tour since her Physical trek ten years earlier.

Shortly after the album's release Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer, forcing her to cancel all publicity for the album, including the tour. Newton-John received her diagnosis the same weekend her father died. She is a product spokesperson for the Liv-Kit, a breast self-examination product. Newton-John's advocacy for health issues was presaged by her prior involvement with many humanitarian causes.

Newton-John cancelled a concert tour of Japan to protest the slaughter of dolphins caught in tuna fishing nets. The morning after I was in the pools, I woke up and the words and melody were in my head. I think it was a gift from them. During the concert, artists performed songs for which they donated their royalties, some in perpetuity, to benefit the cause. On the cover of the Warm and Tender album, the singer is shown with two young girls: one is Newton-John's daughter Chloe and the other, whom Newton-John is kissing, is Colette Chuda.

Newton-John's cancer diagnosis also affected the type of music she recorded. In , she released Gaia: One Woman's Journey , which chronicled her ordeal. In , there was an American distribution by Hip-O Records , and a subsequent re-release in by Green Hill featured an alternate cover photo. This was her second exclusive album for Hallmark Cards after her successful first Christmas album ' Tis the Season with Vince Gill five years earlier.

Proceeds from the album's sales benefited breast cancer research. She re-recorded some tracks from Grace and Gratitude in and re-released the album as Grace and Gratitude Renewed on the Green Hill music label. She led a three-week, km walk along the Great Wall of China during April, joined by various celebrities and cancer survivors throughout her trek. The walk symbolised the steps cancer patients must take on their road to recovery.

Newton-John continued to record and perform pop-oriented music as well. In , she returned to Nashville to record Back with a Heart No.

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