How to be a good dog walker

how to be a good dog walker

7 Tips on How to Be a Successful Dog Walker

If you think dog walking is right for you, here are some tips to make sure youТre the best dog walker you can be. Communication?Ч?Good communication is the foundation of a good dog walker. May 05, †Ј What makes a great Dog Walker? Hi Humans, I hope youТre doing great! Experience. Wag looks for dog walkers with experience as a pet professional. Our dog walkers are Registered Veterinary Technicians, Shelter Accountable. A dog walker has to be accountable as the dogТs health and well being are.

M aybe you are a student and need a part-time job. Maybe you just need a what to wear with palazzo pants plus size extra income in addition to your main job.

Maybe you want to go all out and try to make a living from dog walking because you simply love dogs. No matter the reason, here are some tips that you can follow if you want to know how to be a dog walker, and a successful one at that. As with any other dog business, preparing and having a bf plan for this new venture is the only way to be successful.

Jumping into any pet related business ti, how to be a good dog walker full- or part-time, is a major decision that needs to ohw taken seriously and considered carefully. Doing a little bit of how to be a good dog walker on how to become a dog walker, what these people do and how they start will help you understand exactly what you're getting into and whether or not it's a good option for your situation.

Some people assume that dog walking business is a simple job that anyone can do. As a dog walker, let me tell you Ч that's not true at all. If you're hoping that your too of dogs is the only qualification you need, think again. Do you live by a lot of apartment buildings? How to configure linksys router wrt54g2 there a lot of working families around you?

I live in an area with a lot of retired folks. They are always out walking their dogs. If you are willing to travel, that would be a whole different story. Your strength and constitution will also factor in. How many dogs can you effectively walk at one time? If you live in an area with only a few prospects, it would be fine if you can only walk one dog at a time. Most people need dog walkers because they themselves do not have the time to do it. Maybe you can only walk in the morning or in the evening, but a lot of people need a dog walker for gow they are at work Ч this means in the middle of the day.

Being available at the right times could mean the middle of the night for shift-workerson rainy days, on snowy days, or just in the mid-morning. Decide when you are willing to work, and make sure your clients are clear on your schedule before the work starts.

In any business, you need to be competitive. That said, cutting yourself short is also not a good idea. You will need to cover your own expenses as well as make a profit, thus once again, proper research and planning are key here. My best tip for this is to call other area dog walkers and see what their going rate is.

Online classified ads like Craigslist are a great place to check out your competition. Further into this, make sure you ask potential dog walking clients if they will provide leashes, harnesses, etc. See how other dog walkers work in terms of this. You have to get the word out about your new dog walking service that you provide, so you need to decide how you are going to do that. Primarily, this will depend on your budget and your location.

If you just want to walk dogs in your neighborhood and do a small-time thing, you can put flyers on cars, flyers in mail boxes, or business cards at other local businesses who allow that. Supermarkets and flea markets often have bulletin boards for community announcements. Remember to not pin to telephone poles or street signs without checking the laws in your area Ч that may be illegal.

Some areas even have bans on placing flyers on cars. If you are willing to travel around, you could put an ad in local papers, on Craigslist or other classified websites.

How to be a good dog walker popular site for these services is Backpage. Just make sure you stay safe and always meet potential clients in a public place. Even if your plan is to go big and start a bona fide dog walking business, it's best to begin with walking dogs in your neighborhood to understand how it works and familiarize yourself with the process. Going big just means more dogs, more clients and more phone calls, so you jow always expand from there. This is an often overlooked section by aspiring dog how to be a good dog walker. If you are going to be walking around for possibly hours a day, you need the right stuff.

In how to be a good dog walker job, you will be much like the postman. If you're in a colder climate, the two most important items for yourself are proper dog walking gloves and dog walking boots.

Once you have your own rain gear, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, awlker, and anything else you may need for any situation, then you may even want shoes for the dogs. The costs for these items will need to be factored into how to be a good dog walker rates for hhow, so do the research beforehand. Factor all pricing as your initial investment to see if it's doable. Here are lists of gear you'll likely need Ч check prices and see what you can afford:.

The above gear is optional but may be necessary if you're planning to do long walks with dogs, and especially for extreme climates Ч tons of rain, or sun, god snow, etc. Be prepared to stand up for yourself and say no. Sometimes people can be pushy communicating their needs, so you need to have enough self-confidence to argue your point.

Make sure you are licensed and insured if your state requires it. You should always have insurance, even if your state does not require it. Be ready to pass a background check and a drug test if your employer wants these. If you'll be working for yourself, make up a contract stating what you will and will not do. Put down what you will and will not be liable for as well. Have every client sign it, and you'll need to sign it.

If possible, even get a witness or notary to sign it. The most important thing in starting your dog walking business is the most important thing when launching any business ventures. Sit down and really think. Try to think of everything that could occur Ч broken leashes, lost dogs, biting incidents Ч everything. Get a friend or family member to help you brainstorm ideas. Then make a plan for everything you thought of. Now, put those things in your contract. Successful working relationships are built on clear what to serve with hamburgers on the grill. Top Dog Tips.

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Hopefully after you go through these tips, you'll have a better idea about dog walking. Consider Your Availability for the Job Most people need dog walkers goood they themselves do not have the time to do it. To be a successful dog walker, you need to be available when people need you.

How Are You Going to Advertise? Here are lists of gear you'll likely need Ч check prices and see what you can afford: Regular dog booties or waterproof dog shoes A dog harness A dog leash Healthy dog treats Other doggy gear that you may want to splurge on but is really optional includes: A doggy water bottle Collapsible dog bowls Dog GPS trackers in case of emergency What type of grout for marble tiles for how to get whiterun house for free Sunglasses hhow dogs The above gear is optional but may be necessary if you're planning to do long walks with dogs, and especially for extreme climates Ч tons of rain, or sun, or snow, etc.

Communication and Proper Planning The most important thing in starting your dog walking business is the most important thing when launching any business ventures. Do not jump into dog walking on a whim. Natural Remedies for Pink Eye in Dogs. How to Massage Gas Out of a Dog. Kelly Pebworth - Apr 16, Waoker our dogs is essential if we avoid getting affected by fleas or ticks running through the little buddy's body.

Although many collars and chemicals More natural treatments are becoming recognized by the scientific community for their health benefits. Tea tree oil is still often seen as a trend or Diana Beth Miller - Apr 14, Many people bood surprised by the emotions that arise after their four-legged companion's death, their dog. They come to feel, even guilty, for the Katherine McKay ti Apr 12, For many pet owners, the extra skin gives their pup an incredible appearance Katherine McKay - Apr 9, Dog's excessive drooling comes hand-in-hand with our furry companions and is a normal phenomenon for dogs of all sizes.

Depending on the breed of Diana Beth Miller - Apr 7, For many dog owners, having to face eye problems can be expensive and problematic. Many dogs suffering from eye problems can be rather obvious,


Nov 27, †Ј Start working for an agency. A good place to learn the ins and outs of the dog walking business is under someone who is already in it. Look for a large, local dog walking agency and contact the people there to ask if they need any help. This can be a way to both learn about the business and animal safety%(3). Apr 27, †Ј A good dog walker bio is key to convincing a customer that you are the best person to care for their beloved pet. Dog walkers are an incredibly diverse group, but the qualities they have in common will provide insights into what makes a great Talley Lattimore. Tell the short version of your story, and always wrap with a marketing message. For example, a final sentence like УHaving finally realized her dream of spending her days with her dog, Judy loves providing the same peace of mind to her clients by providing their dogs with daily companionship and exercise.Ф.

Dog walkers provide an important service for busy pet owners. They serve as trusted guardians for pets, but also as partners for their clients. In this article, we discuss what a dog walker does, how you can become one and answers to common questions about this position.

Professional dog walkers are paid animal care and service workers who take other people's dogs on outings for a defined period. Dog walkers may be independent or work for a dedicated business. Some dog walkers take one dog out at a time for walks, and others may take multiple dogs on each outing. The duration of each walk depends on the breed of the dog and the instructions from the client.

Dog walkers must be transparent with owners and discuss the owner's desires for dog care and the dog walking process. Dog walking can be a lucrative business based on a few factors, such as experience, reputation, active hours and an animal care specialist's affiliation with a company. Dog walkers can also earn more money with certification. Dog walkers need to be self-motivated and maintain a high level of fitness, because this job can be mentally and physically demanding.

They also need to have empathy and a love for dogs, because they are taking care of other people's beloved companions. Besides having these characteristics, dog walkers also may need to meet qualifications in the following areas:. Dog walkers may only need to have a high school diploma, a GED or an equivalent to work for some companies. However, dog walkers may want to earn a degree in business administration if they want to start their own businesses.

Beyond regular schooling, it helps to have basic education in animal first aid. Dog walkers should know how to do CPR and administer first aid. They can learn this through local programs offered by organizations or by asking veterinarians, who may charge fees. Dog walkers generally receive on-the-job training. Aspiring animal care specialists may find training as employees of dog walking companies or as part of animal care nonprofits.

As part of their training, these animal care specialists may be supervised while they learn how to feed animals, how to safely transport animals, how to operate equipment and how to clean up after animals. Also, dog walkers who would like to own their own businesses in the future should pay attention to how organizations are run. Among the things dog walkers can learn is how to schedule dog walker shifts, how to talk to clients, how to run promotional campaigns and how to control finances.

When working for an agency, a dog walker may be required to earn certain licenses, including:. Also, if dog walkers want to have certification, some colleges and independent organizations offer certificate programs in this area.

For example:. Of course, dog walkers may need to pass an exam before receiving their certification. Also, certified dog walkers must renew their certification after a certain period and the process may include paying fees, taking exams and continuing their education in animal care.

A dog walker needs to have various skills, including:. You can use these steps to become a professional dog walker:. The first thing you should do before setting any prices for your services is some basic research.

If the resources are available, look for general prices for dog walking services in your area. You may also be able to ask professional dog walkers in your area how much they charge for their services. Remember that rates for dog walkers vary and factors like location, experience and certification can determine those rates.

Settle on a rate you think is fair based on your experience, the time you have to devote to dog walking and the information available to you. Independent dog walkers may have to rely heavily on advocacy by their clientele and close associates, but dog walkers must be proactive in advertising their services on their own. One thing you can do if you are an aspiring dog walker is to print flyers and post them in highly visible locations.

You can also start a website where you offer advice to dog lovers and advertise your services that way. Another way to gain attention from possible clients is to sign up with an online dog walker job board. Companies like these might take a percentage of your earnings, but they put you in contact with clients in your area.

Ultimately, you may have the greatest reach on social media. You will need to have social media accounts to meet other animal lovers and especially if you plan on building your own business. Dog walkers generally work in outdoor environments, like sidewalks and parks, because that is where they generally take dogs.

In some cases, they may be confined to indoor environments if that is what the client wants, or the dog walker is supporting the business by providing administrative duties.

Besides the setting, dog walking can be a fast-paced job with many variables that animal care specialists must account for, such as:. Skip to main content Indeed Home.

Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Create your resume. Help Center. Career Development. What does a dog walker do? Going to a client's house and picking up that person's dog s Making sure the dogs are wearing collars with the proper identification tags Taking dogs on designated walking routes Making sure that the dogs are well-fed and hydrated Giving dogs treats to maintain their focus Cleaning up after dogs Being aware of city ordinances and state laws regarding animal care Recording dog license numbers and vaccination history for insurance purposes Filling out paperwork Taking calls Setting up appointments Configuring schedules.

Average salary for a dog walker. Dog walker requirements. Education Training Certifications Skills. A state driver's license: This is required if the animal care specialist is transporting dogs by vehicle. Regional licenses or permits: These may be required in certain cities before dog walkers can bring dogs to municipal parks or other properties.

A business license: This is required if the dog walker owns a dog walking business. Dog Walker Certificate: The International Association of Professional Dog Walkers, which is part of the International Association of Professions, offers a four to week online course complete with access to an educator and a downloadable certificate. Graduates of the program can earn this certificate.

Dog walkers can earn this certification because their profession falls under pet sitting. Attention to detail: Dog walkers must make special note of things like the breeds of dogs they are caring for, client's instructions, state and municipal ordinances and any special needs dogs have. Communication: Dog walkers must be able to communicate with clients to take instruction, to make appointments and to inform clients.

They can communicate with dogs by giving commands and through nonverbal cues. Interpersonal skills: In addition to being able to observe and empathize with dogs, dog walkers must have people skills.

They must be able to empathize with clients and gain those clients' trust. Problem solving: Depending on the situation, dog walkers must understand how to calm their clients' dogs and how to avoid conflicts with other dogs or animals entirely. Organization, record-keeping and scheduling: Dog walkers need to keep excellent records for their clientele, making note of any special needs or requests and to make sure they or one of their teammates are available.

Technical knowledge: Dog walkers must have basic knowledge concerning the use of animal restraints and animal cages, animal control, nutrition and first aid treatments. How to become a dog walker. Take pertinent courses in high school, if available. Some high schools may offer animal science and business courses for students. High school students may also take part in extracurricular activities that bring them into contact with dogs.

Earn a high school diploma or equivalent. Although there are no formal education requirements for dog walkers, some employees of animal care businesses might need to have a high school diploma to get hired. Take animal care courses. Aspiring dog walkers can find educational programs sponsored by independent organizations.

Alternatively, dog walkers can take advantage of college courses that are related to animal care and dog walking. Coursework includes topics like animal behavior, animal body language, animal first aid, animal nutrition, dog obedience, disease prevention, leash training and pet grooming. Become a certified dog walker. This is optional, but independent dog walkers and business owners may impress their clientele and earn more money with certification.

Receive some on-the-job training. Aspiring dog walkers can receive professional training by working for dog walking businesses or by taking volunteer positions at nonprofit organizations. Take related business courses. Dog walkers who want to start their own businesses may be able to find related college courses or business courses offered by organizations.

Students will learn about creating business plans, obtaining insurance, operating and promoting a business and setting fees. Obtain the necessary licensing. Depending on the state and businesses that employ dog walkers, certain licensing is required. For example, dog walkers must have a state driver's license to transport dogs. In some states, dog walkers and businesses are required to have licenses to bring dogs to certain parks or other properties.

Obtain liability insurance. Business owners should have liability insurance in case anything happens to dog walkers, the dogs themselves or the dogs' owners. Frequently Asked Questions How do I set prices for my services? Dog walkers may need to have the following when they are working: Some extra water for the dog walker and the dogs A bowl to pour water in for the dogs to drink Extra leashes Treats for the dog Extra toys A raincoat or coat for cold weather Bags for dog waste A backpack to store all these supplies.

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