How to get to silverpine forest

how to get to silverpine forest

Delivery to Silverpine Forest

Silverpine Forest is a great area to level up in the level 10 to 20 region, but it's also incredibly important for Undercity Rep. Between Shadowfang Keep and the zone itself, Silverpine contains Undercity Reputation. For those of you keeping track at home, that's almost exactly 20% of the total reputation you'll need to get from into. Silverpine Forest is a vast forest region on the western coast of Lordaeron, in northern Eastern Kingdoms. The woods surrounding Silverpine Forest are sickly and haunted, and eerily silent, save the roars from the more feral inhabitants of the region. Nowadays under the control of the Forsaken, Sylvanas Windrunner's deathguards roam through the.

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Comment by how to get to silverpine forest This quest counts for the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms achievement. Delivery to Silverpine Forest. Ah, how good of Apothecary Johaan to send his research.

With so many new developments here in Silverpine, I nearly forgot about the findings coming out of Lordaeron and Tirisfal Glades. Which reminds me, I need to how to do smokey eyeshadow for blue eyes those samples off to the Necropolis soon.

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Mar 18,  · Silverpine Forest, or simply Silverpine, is a vast, ancient forest that runs along Lordaeron's rugged western coast. The land ranges from fairly flat to hilly, and is nestled among even taller mountains. Gilneas borders the forest to the south, the Hillsbrad Foothills to the southeast, while Tirisfal Glades lays to the north. Lordamere Lake serves as Silverpine's eastern border. Jun 09,  · How do I get to Silverpine forest from Ogrimmar? Still fairly new to the game, so I have no clue How to travel long distance, but there's a quest I wanna do that requires me to get to Silverpine, anyone know how I can get there? Or if I can even get there this early in game? (in at level 30 something.) 2 comments. share. save. Feb 01,  · Silverpine Forest is easily accesible. Head to Undercity. When you get there instead of heading into the city ((Turning left from the road)) continue along the road heading in .

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This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Live PTR. Classic TBC. Quick Facts. Quests for the keep are located in silverpine and in the Undercity. Watch out for the Sons of Arugal. They are level 24 elites and wonder around in random parts. Great quests. Pyrewood Village is located to the south and so is Shadowfang Keep.

The greymane wall is also located south As seen on the picture Fenris Isle has level gnolls. On the other islands are murlocs and Lake Stalkers. Level A very fun place to quest that goes with the storyline of the archmage Arugal.

Comment by Often overlooked because the Barrens is such a great place for Horde to quest during the level range, Silverpine is a secluded region between the undead starting zone of Tirisfal Glades, and the Hillsbrad Foothills. The only truly noteable landmark here is the imposing Shadowfang Keep lv ,which is populated by a renegade archmage named Arugal and his host of Worgen.

It's near the seashore in the southwest part of the zone. Shadowfang is known for having several extremely rare drop items that can be sold for very high prices on the auction house. The village of Pyrewood is just south of the keep. The npc's here are friendly to Alliance characters. However, it's said that at night, they transform into werewolves Comment by This area kind of wanes in comparison to the Barrens.

But if you really want to get your UC rep up than this is the place to do it. Comment by Are they hostil? And if they are, what happens if you are attcked? Comment by Are the werewolves hostil? And if they are, what hapens if your attcked by one? Just curious. Comment by miles Is there an alliance fp here? Comment by The Pyrewood Village really turns into werewolves. Ive seen it before. They look like the SFK werewolves. They are soo cool. He is located inside a blacksmith house to the left of the main road in Pyrewood Village.

Saves some people time who want to repair or empty their bags quickly before another Shadowfang Keep run. The village turns into werewolves though, and the NPC is no longer there. I noticed the village turned into werewolves around 9pm server time. The time could be different every time. I observed it change only once.

Comment by You might wonder about a certain something walking in here in the Southwest part of Silverpine Forest. There is a huge gate called the " Greymane Wall" , which before World of Warcraft, the humans locked themselves in this area during the Plague. There is known to be a city behind those gates but nobody knows about it.

Nobody knows what happened to the people either I Eagle Eye'd on my hunter as best as I could and only saw Flat dead land with some trees. Then it just faded off. Added: The next expansion, we're finally going to see what is behind that wall and what happened to the people of Gilneas. Goblins will be the on the Horde side.

The level cap will be 85, and players who choose the Worgen race will be able to switch between two forms of Human and Worgen form. Comment by There are vendors in the Pyrewood Village which alliance can use during 'daylight' in the game world. These vendors can repair and they sell basic clothing like an average second city does like Goldshire, Kharanos, etc.

There is no inn, none of the npcs have dialogue. Great for after the alt's corpse push to SFK for the first time. However on a PvP realm there is now the risk of somebody finding you more likely due to the fact the area is no longer elites. Comment by If you are a Horde character trying to avoid the Barrens entirely, this is a nice zone to do it in.

Unfortunately, there are not as many quests here, so once you hit 16, I recommend heading to Stonetalon Mountains, levelling to 18 there, and coming back. That way you can finish up the quests in Silverpine and head to Hillsbrad.

Comment by Silverpine Forest is a great area to level up in the level 10 to 20 region, but it's also incredibly important for Undercity Rep. Once a member of Alliance, and a very powefull one. By the time of WC3, Gilneas left Alliance, being sure to coupe with Scourge problem themselves, thus breaking any and all of the connections with Allies.

No distinct info is given on what has happened there since then, but it's highly possible, that Blizz will implement this zone in WotLK. Will it be neutral or Ally friendly is still unclear. Comment by Alyten guess we will have to wait for the maelstrom expansion for gilneas as far as whats there now, its totally empty and even the terrain isnt textured in most of it, if you take the time as a mage it is possible to get inside.

Comment by thanks lol i got my skinning up yay its all hard lol. Keep in mind that Silverpine is much less populated than Barrens or Ghostlands so if you want a more secluded questing experience then definitely come here. Comment by But, what's down the road, country south of this forest? Comment by Dinkyy People have said what's down beyond the gate to the south. Reading is serious business. Comment by Gnoktish Nobody knows what happened to the city of Gilneas, in WoWiki, a rumor is there saying that Naga have took it over that Brann Bronzebeard has heard from the Kul'Tiras sailors.

Now introduced in Blizzcon: Cataclysm! Worgen has been formed inside Gilneas and the wall has been broken from Deathwing awakening. Comment by ''Noble countrymen, evil is upon us. Darkness has befallen our shores. Rise and slay thy enemies, strike, strike so other shall live.

The meek shall not fade into the night Live my brethren, live. Comment by drouzzin They will add there a Worgen city named Gilneas soon. We just have to wait for BlizzCon. Comment by Roofel That has not yet been proven as of the moment its just speculations and can NOT be taken as official. We will just have to wait for Blizzcon and see if it is indeed the next expansion or just rumors.

Comment by I'm Alliance. I was higher levelled, but i was shocked, i mean Worgen in an alliance place? Comment by how do we get to Gilneas? Comment by This is a good place to lvl up Herbalism. Comment by elsiemae Does anyone else believe that Silverpine is going to turn into Contested or ally territory when the Worgen come out?

Comment by i doubt Ambermill and Pyrewood become worgens alliance new quest hubs. Comment by animemaster what is on fenris isle? Comment by animemaster Thanks very much for the information. I think it's realy usefull. Comment by rlidgiu This is a horde zone. There are no alliance quests to be found here.

Comment by Soraph Any of you know whereabout is Gaval Moch? Comment by I'd like to say that Blizzard did an absolutely amazing job revamping this zone. There are plenty of horde flight points, and the leveling flow is great. The best part? The absolutely amazing, engaging quests. The storyline of the zone is fantastic. I'm currently leveling my mage, Aelindra, through the zone. From a roleplay point of view, its great to immerse myself in the story- I'm fighting under the Banshee Queen's command to help bolster the armies of the forsaken, route out the Bloodfang Worgen pack, and generally reinforce the Forsaken control over Lordaeron.

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