How to make a paper gun videos

how to make a paper gun videos

How To Make Mini Paper Guns That Shoot Paper Bullets (Easy Paper Gun)

Mar 28,  · Learn how to make a pistol that shoots paper using a lovedatme.comG-Use this weapon carefully not shoot at anyone and wear protective glasses. Use of video. Jan 02,  · Following this video you would be able to fold an amazing colt. I will upload more models of guns in my youtube channel that I use:

Much nicer than plastic toy guns, these paper alternatives are both fun to make and fun to play with. Plus, anything to stop the constant clutter of plastic toys spilling out of the toybox is a blessing in our eyes. A great craft for kids to help you with, you can make a paper gun using any colour or pattern of paper.

Let the kids choose their favourite colourful prints and paper for the craft. Children love how quick and easy a paper gun that shoots is to make and playing with the craft afterwards is a bonus that should keep kids entertained at least for a little while. There are lots of fun things you can make from your stash of colourful paper, like a paper boata homemade fortune teller and these fun paper plate masks projects. Open out the what os is mountain lion piece of paper to reveal the crease in the centre.

Now fold one edge of the paper into the crease line. Repeat folding the same side into the centre. Now repeat on the opposite side, folding the opposite edge into the centre line.

Once folded to the centre, fold the paper in half along the original crease line the create a slim strip of folded paper. Open out one of the folded strips and fold in half in the opposite direction. Open out again, refold along the original centre crease. To make the handle of the paper gun, use the second strip of paper to line up with the centre crease. Now fold the first strip of paper down at a degree angle on the left side.

Fold the handle in half along the centre crease. Now fold the second strip, the barrel of the gun, in half. Sandwich the handle of the paper gun, the first paper strip, in between the folds of the barrel paper. Then push the what is a dance suite of the barrel papers underneath the folds of the handle. This will be a tight fit, so push slowly. Once pushed through, keep pulling on the paper ends until the middle folded section fits snugly together.

Use a pair of scissors to cut out notches for the tip of the barrel and the top folds of the paper gun. Perhaps a toy to play with outdoorsyou should now have your very own homemade paper gun that shoots. To make your craft shoot, place an elastic how to make a paper gun videos or hair tie in how to make a paper gun videos notches.

To fire the elastic band or hair tie, pull on the bottom fold of the paper gun where a trigger would be. The elastic band should ping off. Recipe finder Kids activities When are primary school places announced? Royal news 8 week weight loss plan Slow cooker recipes Best pushchairs Seasonal food calendar What are lateral how to record with hauppauge hd pvr tests?

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Mar 25,  · How to make a paper gun that shoots-rubber bandsWARNING-Use this weapon carefully don't shoot at anyone and wear protective glasses. Use of video content is. Mar 19,  · how to make a paper rubber band gun that shoots,\r. how to make a rubber band hurt,\r. rubber band gun parts,\r. how to make a rubberband gun,\r. how to make a elastic band shooter,\r. \r. \r. how to make a paper gun that shoots paper bullets with a trigger easy\r. Jun 09,  · This video wraps all of those into one nifty little project guaranteed to singe your fingertips with hot glue while you make a paper popper that flings paper projos. There’s not much else to say, really. The video below says it all. And interestingly, it does so without words.

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The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Rubber band weaponry has proven its worth on many school and household battlefields.

In particular, the rubber band shooter, also called the rubber band gun, has distinguished itself as a versatile tool. For example, a talented rubber band trick shooter might knock down a paper target or he might stun a stationary fly. And so could you. All it takes to make your own is some creativity, a few household items, and some rubber bands. Before you know it, a trusty rubber band shooter will be as good as yours. After the glue has dried, use a knife or small saw to cut a notch into the front end of the stock.

Finish up by stretching a sturdy rubber band from the notch to the clothespin, then pinch the rubber band firmly in place at the other end with the clothespin. Squeeze the clothespin to release and fire your rubber band. Keep reading to learn how to make other types of rubber band guns, like a pencil pea shooter or rubber band pistol!

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This rubber band shooter gets its name from the pencil that forms its stock. The bits and pieces you'll need to make your peashooter are mostly common household items, and include: Pencil Thumbtack Hot glue gun or superglue Clothespin Rubber band.

Attach your clothespin catch to your pencil. Using your hot glue or superglue, attach your clothespin so it is lined up with the writing end of your pencil, with the alligator clip side facing the eraser. Allow enough time for the glue to fully dry before continuing.

Create a hand grip with your thumbtack. Take your thumbtack and push it into your pencil on the side opposite your clothespin. The nub of the thumbtack should give you just enough to wrap a finger around to help you grip your pencil peashooter. Test fire your pencil peashooter. Take your rubber band and pull it so that one end catches on the eraser end of your pencil and pull the opposite between the clip end of your clothespin.

Aim your weapon and open your clothespin to release and fire your rubber band. Method 2 of Find a suitable piece of wood for the stock and barrel. The stock and barrel of your rubber band rifle should be made of a material soft enough that you can cut a groove into it. Wood is likely the cheapest and most readily available option, though bamboo and similar materials can also make an effective stock. Your stock should be about two feet 60 cm in length. You can find suitable wood for your stock from a sturdy tree branch, a hardware store, or a lumber yard.

Spare handles for tools, frequently sold at hardware stores, are an excellent option to consider. Collect the rest of your rubber band rifle parts.

In addition to your stock and barrel, you'll need a release along with something to attach your rubber band release to your gun. All in all, you'll need: Clothespin for release Pencil Glue wood glue, superglue, etc.

Knife Rubber band. Attach a clothespin to your stock to act as your release. A high powered rubber band rifle can be made by attaching your clothespin farther back on the stock. To attach your clothespin: Mark your stock with a pencil or knife at the location you plan on attaching your clothespin. Use a glue, like wood glue, superglue, or hot glue, to attach your clothespin to your stock. Allow sufficient time for your glue to fully dry. Note: the farther back you put your clothespin, the more pressure your rubber band will exert on the pin.

If you place your pin too far back, your clothespin might not be strong enough to hold your rubber band in place. Notch your stock at the front of the barrel. This will be where you load your rubber band. Arm your rubber band rifle with ammunition. Take a rubber band and put one end of it into the notched part of your stock at the tip of the barrel. Then pull your rubber band back, stretching it all the way to the clothespin. Open your clothespin and: Hold your rubber band so that it is behind the teeth of your clothespin.

Close your clothespin to trap the rubber band on the inside of the clothespin. Test tension and sturdiness. Using your finger, push and pull lightly on your armed rubber band to make sure the notch you have cut is deep enough.

Then, inspect your clothespin to ensure it is sturdy enough to withstand the tension of your rubber band. If the band slips free easily, you may want to use your cutting tool to cut your notch a little deeper.

If your clothespin does not seem sturdy enough, you may want to apply some more glue or an additional fastener, like duct tape. Test fire your new rubber band rifle. Aim your rifle by looking down stock, using the clothespin and end of the barrel to sight your target.

When, looking down the barrel of your rubber band rifle, you see your target right above both your clothespin and the tip of your barrel, down on the clothespin to release the rubber band. At maximum tension, the rubber band should fire about 15 to 20 yards Method 3 of Find a suitable piece of wood.

To make yourself a more realistic rifle, you'll need a board about three feet 90 cm long and six inches 15 cm wide. You should be able to purchase a board for this purpose from your local hardware store or lumber yard. Get your other rifle making supplies. In addition to the wood that you will form into the main body of your rubber band rifle, you will also need ammunition and supplies to help you cut your wood into the shape of your gun. Draw the outline of your rifle on your board.

Using a pencil or felt tip marker, draw a general outline of a rifle. Feel free to do this freehand, though you may want to use an image from online to model your outline. Generally, your rifle should have: A long, thin barrel A rectangular sight atop the beginning of the barrel. A stock. A trigger. Cut out the outline of your rifle. Use a woodworking saw for greater precision, or a common saw if that is unavailable, and cut along the outside of the outline you drew on your board.

Do this until the outline is completely cut free. Notch the front of your barrel. The notch should form a wedge pointing inward on the barrel and should be thick enough to accommodate a rubber band. In the event you don't have a jig saw, a normal saw or knife should be able to sufficiently notch the front of your barrel. Attach your trigger.

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