How to paint a countertop with rustoleum paint

how to paint a countertop with rustoleum paint

Countertop Q&A: All About Rustoleum Countertop Coating

Jan 10,  · Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations® is the simple, affordable and hassle-free way to transform your worn or damaged laminate countertops into beautiful, d. With Rust-Oleum® Countertop coating, you can renew laminate countertops, cabinets and furniture. In addition, it contains HomeShield™ Antimicrobial Protection which will protect the painted surface by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew and other odor or stain causing microbes.

I have received paiint few questions from readers lately asking for DIY kitchen update ideas that provide a high end look without a renovation budget. A while back I wrote a post about how to use a Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit to DIY granite look countertops, but my tutorial was buried in the middle of a post about my upcycled bar cartwhere you would probably never find it.

The recent reader questions about how to paint a countertop with rustoleum paint updates made me realize that it was finally time to create a separate post about how to paint laminate countertops to look like granite. This post contains affiliate links. At my local Habitat ReStore I found a laminate printer stand and decided rustlleum turn it into a rolling bar cart, complete with a granite-look countertop. I consulted with my friends at Rust-Oleum, pxint they confirmed that this laminate furniture surface would accept the paint just like a laminate kitchen counter.

It was the perfect test case! A large Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit is enough to cover 50 square feet, and a small kit covers up to 30 square feet. And then any leftovers are perfect for dressing up the laminate top of a bar cart, a portable kitchen ristoleum, or even a inexpensive laminate dresser.

The smaller kit currently only comes in charcoal and dessert sand. I received my Countertop Transformations Kit for free, but was not paid for this post. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. The Countertop Transformations Kit comes with lots of supplies, and it is a very specific, multi-step process.

It comes with an instruction guide, as well as a how to inspect disc brakes DVD tutorial. Below I share a step by step overview of the process to help you understand what is involved and to show you my results, but be sure to also read and follow all of the instructions from Rust-Oleum. Start by roughing up the laminate surface using the diamond embedded sanding block that comes with the kit. Use both hands to press down on the sanding block, and sand in a fast, circular motion.

This process creates a lot of very fine dust, so wearing protective eyewear and a dust mask is a good safety precaution. In a kitchen or rusotleum, this would include around the edges of the sink and along the walls. Layout a drop cloth on the floor below the counter as well. Stir to mix the adhesive base coat, then pour some into a paint tray. Working in small, manageable sections, use a synthetic paint brush to paint the edges and backsplash of the counter, and use a dense foam roller to coat the larger surface areas of the countertop with the black adhesive base coat.

Apply a thick, smooth coat, ensuring that none of the laminate surface shows through. Spray the wetting agent over the adhesive painted surface to help keep the base coat wet and tacky longer. Get a nice, even coverage of the wetting agent, without making the surface too wet or creating any pools or puddles. Working quickly, while the adhesive base coat remains wet, use the dispenser tool to spread the decorative color chips, heavily coating the entire counter surface. The dispenser tool works like a fertilizer spreader — you just pull the trigger on the inside of the handle and turn the crank clockwise to make the decorative color chips shoot how to install galvanized fence post of the front.

Start by applying the decorative chips to the backsplash and front edge of the countertop, and then to the flat surface area.

More is more when it comes to applying the chips, so apply a thick coating and ensure that none of the adhesive base coat remains visible.

Let the countertop dry for at least 12, but not more than 24 hours, pint use a shop vac with a brush attachment or a small hand broom to brush away what causes foot pain in the ball of your foot the loose, excess how to make rock candy swizzle sticks chips.

Using the diamond embedded sanding block that came with the kit, sand the counter until it is extremely smooth, but be careful not too sand through all the chips. If you do wind up with any bare spots or gouges in how to become a 911 operator in ontario surface, again use a sponge to dab on more adhesive base coat in that spot, and then immediately cover the spot with the decorative color chips, allow it to ppaint and then repeat steps 7 and 8.

However, once mixed, the protective top coat must be used within 4 hours. Since I had only used a small portion of the total Countertop Transformations Kit, I wanted to save the rest for another project in the future. Instead I calculated the how to paint a countertop with rustoleum paint of Part A to Part B, and used a syringe to measure and mix just enough for sealing counterhop small bar cart countertop.

Once the protective top coat is mixed, use a synthetic paint brush to paint the edges and backsplash of the counter, and use a dense foam roller to coat the larger surface areas of the countertop. Apply a thick, smooth coat. Once the entire counter is covered, lightly reroll the entire counter in one direction to ensure a smooth, even finish.

Be sure to keep the counters free from dust and dirt while the top coat is drying. Keep the widows in the room closed and ceiling fans off. Then let the countertop dry for about 48 hours before resuming light use, such as sitting items on the counter that weigh less than 5 pounds.

How to make italian meat sauce the counters to dry for a full week before resuming regular use. Apply silicone caulk what does a house symbolize the edges of the sink for a waterproof seal.

Once your Countertop Transformations painted countertops have fully cured, you can clean them with a soft cloth and soapy water or gentle, non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid staining by cleaning up spills promptly, and use cutting boards and trivets to avoid scratching and the surface, just like you would with real stone. Rust-Oleum also has an instructional video that you can watch online here. Your email address will not be published.

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Allow them time to dry completely before you rustooeum on to the next step. Continue sanding cuontertop none of the shiny appearance remains, then wipe it down to remove all the dust. A shop vac is the quickest and most thorough way to clean up how to paint a countertop with rustoleum paint the dust, but a hand broom and dustpan also does the job.

If you end up with any dust on your hand, wipe the counters down again wtih no dust remains. For my small surface area, it was easy to do alone, but for a larger countertop it how to paint a countertop with rustoleum paint be best to have two people for steps 5 and 6.

Also prepare the wetting agent by putting on the spray nozzle and shaking it to mix. You must apply to the decorative color chips to the adhesive base coat while it is still wet, so as soon as you have one section of countertop coated in the adhesive, move quickly to step 6.

If you do remove too many chips in an area, or wind up with any bare spots, use a sponge to dab on more adhesive base coat in that spot, and then immediately cover the spot with the decorative color palnt and then repeat the process outlined in this step.

Once again, use a shop vac with brush attachment or hand broom to remove excess or loose chips and dust. The kit includes a sample piece that shows exactly what the surface should look and feel like. Sanding the counter until it is nice and smooth is the key to urstoleum the look of real stone countertops.

Granite and other solid surface counters are very smooth, so to give laminate countertops the look of real stone, you want the color variation of the decorative chips without they bumpy texture. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Create At Your Own Risk Any and all content on this website is for personal use only and created exclusively for inspiration purposes.

Tips for helping caulk look nice:

Sep 12,  · Last year I used Rustoleum countertop paint on my bathroom counter. I sanded first, applied the paint, then immediately applied the chips for a garage floor (they looked like the ones in the $ kit, but I bought separately), then I scraped off the excess and let dry for a few days. Then applied 3 coats of polyurathane. Oct 01,  · Rustoleum countertop coating is best described as a sort of countertop veneer that can be applied like paint to a laminate surface. It is intended as an alternative to buying and installing other countertops in what can amount to messy, expensive and lengthy renovations.

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We painted our bathroom a light blue color and got a new mirror, which looks awesome! But now our vanity looked even more outdated! And clashed with the new paint color!

The countertop looked yellowish… not pretty! We decided painting would be the cheapest way to update our vanity.

That is probably how you ended up reading this post. I did lots of Pinterest research on how to paint a countertop. Every post I read did a great job of going into detail about how they painted their countertop, but none of them talked about running into problems. Everything for them went smoothly. No problemo! Since we were going to spray paint our countertops with this stone textured spray paint we wondered if this step was necessary. We brushed on white paint as a primer. We definitely needed to prime it because the stone textured spray paint we used was more of just colored specks and not a solid color.

So priming was a good thing. The mistake was using a paintbrush! We could easily see the brush strokes through the paint! The brush gave great coverage and was easy to apply, but left some terrible looking brush strokes. This was one of the mistakes we decided to fix the second time around by using a roller and now there are no brush strokes!

Use a 4-inch foam roller and handle. Once again, we got the opportunity to do this twice the first time which had to be stripped off and then the re-do. So here is how the second time was improved upon! Our countertop looked amazing! I was so happy that it turned out and looked like a whole new countertop! My husband went to the hardware store and asked the man at the paint section what to put on top of this to seal it, explaining our project to him. We brushed the first coat on.

It should dry clear, right? Not to mention there were now a lot more visible paint strokes. The whole reason we wanted to paint our countertop was to get rid of the yellow color. Now our countertop was even more yellow! The texture was amazing but the color was horrible! He stripped it down with Klean Strip, which is used to strip furniture. This chemical might not work on all surfaces, such as laminate so be careful if you decide to use it. While this was disappointing, it was a very inexpensive mistake.

This time we used a spray-on Clear Glaze. Now you need to recaulk around the edges to prevent water from settling into the spaces between your counter and wall. Use a Bath and Kitchen Waterproof Caulk to help it last much longer. If you have read the comments section of this post then you will see that almost everyone wants to know how my counters have held up over time. Well here is the first update. It has been almost four months. Sadly, my daughter spilled fingernail polish remover on one spot.

After about a week or so the textured part of the paint slowly started wearing off until it was just the white primer was showing in that spot. As we kept cleaning the counter more of the paint was wearing off. We ended up trying lots of different methods on how to repaint just one small spot. What worked the best was spraying the spray paint heavily on a paper plate then using a small paintbrush to carefully brush the speckles back on. We let it dry and added another layer of the clear coat.

Moral of this story: Be very careful with Acetone fingernail polish remover and what cleaners you use. A vinegar cleaner would probably be the safest bet! By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I agree. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Share Tweet Pin. Courtney October 13, , pm. I wish I had found this prior to doing mine. I had to sand mine down and start over a few times.

Mine scratches easily and looks pretty bad, all things considered. Reply Link. Julie M Randolph October 8, , am. Oh man, this is so helpful! I was looking for tips on kitchen counters, but this is so easy, I might end up using this for my kid's ugly bathroom! Wendy September 21, , am. I really love the REAL part of this!!

Keep posting!!! Your helping more than you know!!! Thank you again!!!! Wendy from GA. Blessed Beyond Crazy September 23, , am. Thank you for your kind comment! That means so much to me! Melissa Workman July 12, , pm. Allison July 7, , am. Hi I think I am going to do this in my laundry room. Our countertop is currently solid black laminate.

Do you think it would cover it up? Kim June 23, , am. I followed you directions specifically but the paint keeps washing away and the primer can be seen in the sink.

What do I need to do? Jennifer May 26, , pm. Hi there, this looks excellent! Did you only require one can to cover two coats? Blessed Beyond Crazy May 27, , pm. Kimberly May 11, , am. I just used your method last week in my sons bathroom and the countertop and sink look amazing! It was a drastic improvement from what was there before.

I followed your steps from the second time and had no problems at all. My only question is what do I clean the counters and sink with. I see you said a vinegar cleaner. Should I just mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle?

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