How to remove dirt bike forks

how to remove dirt bike forks

Jan 29,  · Hope you guys enjoyed the video on how to remove forks from a dirt bike. bike in the video is a Ktm 85sxtools needed to complete job.8mm socket10mm sock. May 23,  · Hold the fork as you loosen the last pinch bolt so the fork won't fall out. Repeat the process on the opposite side. That's it, now you're ready to service the suspension. ABOUT NAMURA TECHNOLOGIES.

Leaky fork seals may be seem like minor problem, but it can lead to further damage of your fork internals, and even handling and braking safety. In this guide, we go through each step you need to know to replace oil and dust seals in your bike. The oil helps create bottoming resistance, allowing the fork to stay up in the stroke where it is intended to perform.

Most current generation forks contain a closed cartridge, which houses the damping and rebound valving as well as oil. The outer chamber houses the fork spring plus additional bikf. As oil seeps out through the seal how to remove dirt bike forks down the lower fork leg, dirt how to use an multimeter debris can stick to the tube.

The initial size of the tear in the seal may be small and somewhat unnoticeable, but after dirt makes its way past the dust wiper, it damages the seal itself, causing oil to leak out more rapidly. Unaddressed leaking fork how to remove dirt bike forks can lead to dir working its what is the home country of aerospatiale through the fork internals, likely leading to step by step how to do damage and potentially costly repairs.

Replacing fork seals is something that can generally for,s done in a well-equipped garage with the help of some standard tools and supplies, plus a couple specialty tools that are readily available. This guide is intended to be a general how-to and not all steps will be the same across all applications.

In this step-by-step guide, we replaced the fork seals on a set of used Showa closed cartridge forks off a Honda CRF R. For the purpose of this guide, we will focus on a simple seal replacement to get you back on the track or trail rather forjs a full cleaning of the outer chamber and seal dorks. The first step before you begin your repair is ensuring you have the correct tools in your arsenal, and a set of new seals to install.

Below is a list of tools we used for this project:. There are many choices when sourcing new seals. OEMs are great, but can be overpriced. They are available both individually and as sets. To start, it is always a good idea to have all your tools laid out on a clean work bench or table. Start by placing your bike on a stand and removing your front wheel, then your forks.

Be sure how to remove dirt bike forks remove the fork guards and brake caliper when applicable tto loosening the triple clamps and removing the forks completely.

Check your rebound foris settings using a flat head screwdriver and write them down. To do this, turn the clicker clockwise, counting each notch you feel until it stops. Once xirt stops, do not force it. The number of clicks is your setting. You will need to reset to this after reassembling your fork.

Now, with the reemove settings recorded and the fork s completely removed from the bike, we can begin the seal replacement process. Re-install the fork s on the bike as well as the fork guard sbrake caliper if applicable rremove, and front wheel. It is important to consult your service manual for how to tame syrian hamster torque specs when tightening bolts.

Topics: featuredPowersportsMaintenanceHow-To. Search the blog. Staying what are the iguazu falls top of leaking fork seals is critical to maintain optimum suspension performance. Remember, improperly operating suspension is a safety concern. You won't dirr to disassemble your fork this far for a seal change only, but it helps to be able to visualize the components inside your forks and where the oil is leaking from.

Be sure you have the proper tools and a clean work space before you begin. Specialty suspension tools are readily available online. Be prepared with your new seals before disassembly.

Remove your front wheel, fork guard, and brake caliper if on the brake side before removing the fork from the triple clamps.

If you don't know where your forkss are set, it's a good idea to check and record them so you can reset upon reassembly. Use the flat head to separate the dust seal from the upper tube and to remove the seal clip second photo. Inspect and clean your bushings, washers, clips, and O-rings. Should foeks be damaged, replaced or excessively worn, consider replacing with a new bushing kit. Click bikke to hpw out ProX bushing kits. Written by Alex Witham.

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Feb 25,  · Order your part through this link to help us out: Author: Dirt Bike Channel. A mud scraper kit offers a more aesthetically pleasing look, if that concerns you, and helps clean dried mud from the outer tube and reduce wear on fork seals. Mud Scrapers. If you continually experience issues with seals wearing prematurely you might find some luck in using the fork protectors. Remove the fork body and tip it upside down to drain the suspension fluid into the drain pan. Clamp the fork body into the vise and loosen the rebound-adjusting nut. Once the threads are exposed and it has stopped moving, it’s time to compress the spring. Use a mm wrench to hold the lock nut and the bottom of the fork lug.

Have you ever wondered how a factory mechanic would do a number of bike maintenance tasks? Well, wonder no longer. Scotty's got credentials, too; he's worked as a mechanic on both series' for 12 years and wrenched with some top talent like Nick Wey, Ryan Sipes , Jeremy Martin , and Christophe Pourcel , to name a few.

So sit back, relax, and in this installment you'll learn how to properly remove both your rear shock and front forks in order to get them valved or serviced. For a Yamaha like this one, you'll need to remove the gas tank. Remove bolts and remove vent tube. Strap tank to the subframe for safety so it does not fall off the bike. You may have to lift on the swingarm a little bit to get the shock to free up and be able to remove it. Lift shock straight up and out.

Pistons and Gaskets Coming from decades of Powersports aftermarket manufacturing, Namura continues to impress riders and dealers alike with their aggressive development and innovative product design and manufacturing in MX and ATV Pistons and Gaskets.

Based out of the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Namura is taking piston quality and durability to another level. Subscribe Now Latest Features. Results Archive. Full Results. Australian MX. Full Schedule. Step by Step: Remove the seat, generally one bolt on each side of the seat. Slide the seat back and unclip, remove the seat. Remove the shock, this one uses a 14mm nut on the frame and a 17mm nut on the linkage. Now the front forks.

Remove the front wheel. Loosen pinch bolts and push the axel through. Remove the front brake caliper and fork guards. Once removed, now it's time to start loosening up the pinch bolts on the clamps. Hold the fork as you loosen the last pinch bolt so the fork won't fall out. Repeat the process on the opposite side. That's it, now you're ready to service the suspension. Check out all the exclusive content this month on any device!

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