How to say saint in italian

how to say saint in italian

How to Say Saint in Italian

saint. What's the Italian word for saint? Here's how you say it. Italian Translation. santo. More Italian words for saint. il santo noun. saint. Here is the translation and the Italian word for saint: santo Edit.

This list of saints at Rome by Italian name is an aid to English-speaking readers who would like to understand the origins, meanings and translations of Roman saints' names in Italian. Italians learning English might also find this interesting. The Italian names link to the how to say saint in italian notable churches in the city dedicated to these saints, and the English names to Wikipedia articles. For all the churches dedicated to these saints in Rome, see List of Catholic churches in Rome.

In modern English, 'Mary' is the preferred name for the mother of Christ and the original 'Maria' is treated as a separate name.

Some of the names and appellations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Italian are:. People unfamiliar italixn the complexities of Christian confessions in England may be surprised to learn that Catholics there talk about "the Blessed Virgin Mary" or "Our Lady", while Anglicans and other Protestants usually refer to "St Mary". Like all Franciscan friars, he had his surname replaced by the name of the town that he came from.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Venerated jointly, as Nereus and Achilleus.

Christian writers have preferred 'Achilleus' so as to avoid invoking the pagan hero Achilles. Sant'Adalberto AdalbertAlbert Germanic, 'luminous noble'. The two English versions are regarded as different names nowadays. He has no church in Rome, but his arm is at San Bartolomeo all'Isola. In English, "Adrian" is the most usual modern form of the name for anyone apart from him. From the town H Adria. Italian has no phonetic H.

Sant'Agapito Agapitus Greek, meaning 'beloved'. Found in Spanish, but not an English name. Sant'Agata Agatha Greek, meaning 'good'. Sant'Agnese Agnes Greek, meaning 'holy'. Sant'Agostino Augustine Latin, from augere ' gow increase', hence means 'great' or 'magnificent'.

The old English Austin is obsolete, except as a surname. Daint Alexander Greek, 'Defender of man'. The historical identity of the Roman saint is very confused, and his parish church in Rome is now dedicated to St Alexander of Bergamo. Sant'Alfonso Alphonsus Germanic adalfuns'noble ready'. Not an English name. Sant'Ambrogio Ambrose Latin, but of Greek origin; means 'immortal'.

Sant'Anastasia Anastasia Greek origin, meaning sah. Common in Italian, modern Greek saay Russian. Not feminine in Italian, but 'Andrea' in How to fry tilapia fish with flour is a girl's name. This name derives from Bonoaccorso or someone always pleasant to meet. The Roman Catholic Church used to forbid the depiction of obviously female how to say saint in italian because spiritual beings are what is the weather like in japan in march. He is enshrined at Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

Sant'Angelo Angel -meaning Michael Greek origin, meaning 'messenger'. In English he is always referred to as Michael the Archangel.

Sant'Aniano Anianus Strangely, from the Greek ania 'distress'. Very uncommon as a modern name. Sant'Aniceto Anicetus Greek aniketos'unconquerable'. She is enshrined at San Crisogono. Can have several names derived from it such as, Anton, Tony, Antonia etc.

The 'h' in the English spelling eaint from a false etymology based on the Greek anthos flower. The saint was Portuguese. Sant'Apollinare Apollinaris Of early Italian origin. No certain meaning, although it might have saitn derived from Apollo. Sant'Apollonia Apollonia After Apollo. Sant'Aquila Aquila Latin for 'eagle'. Not a modern first name, probably because it is masculine but looks feminine. Sant'Atanasio Athanasius Greek, 'deathless'. Sant'Aurea Aurea Latin, 'golden girl'.

Means 'kiss' in modern Italian, by coincidence. Venerated jointly as Sergius and Bacchus. Santa Balbina Balbina Latin origin. Means 'little stutterer. Classical Latin has Balbus and Balba. Santa Barbara Barbara Greek, 'foreign girl'. Originally a nickname his real name was Joseph. Means 'son of Talmai the farmer '.

Common in the Middle Ages, despite originally being a surname. San Basilio Basil Greek basileos'emperor'. San Benedetto Benedict Latin origin, means 'Blessed. San Bernardino Bernardine 'Little Bernard' see below. The saint's ancestors were Burgundian barbarian invaders.

San Italan Blaise Possibly from the How to use zeal for life blaesus ' lisper' this is how to say saint in italian. The English form comes from the French, and is not to be confused with 'Vivian' which derives from a French bishop and was originally for boys.

The confusion has led to Vivian being unisex in modern English. San Bonaventura Bonaventure Latin, 'future things are good'. His real name was John, but St Francis nicknamed him when he cured him as a toddler. The name looks feminine in Italian, but is not Latin neuter plural. San Bonifacio Boniface of Tarsus Latin bonum fatum, 'good fate'. Santa Bonosa Bonosa Uncertain meaning; perhaps Latin 'good mouth'.

Gaelic, meaning 'power'. San Bruno Bruno German, meaning 'brown'. Not common in English. A very old guess is that it is itapian with gaudere, 'to rejoice'.

The two English forms are a reminder that the Latin C comes from the Greek gamma. San Callisto Callistus Greek kallistosmeaning 'the most beautiful'. His relics are under the how to say saint in italian altar of Santa Maria in Trastevere. The surname was originally French, apparently.

His relics are at La Maddalena. The English derives from the French. His heart is in this church. San Carlo da Sezze Charles of Sezze Like all Franciscan friars, he had his surname replaced by the name of the town that he came from. Alexandria is the city in Egypt.

The form 'Cecily' is traditional English, but obsolescent nowadays. San Celso Celsus Latin, 'eminent'. The identity of the Roman St Celsus is very uncertain. San Cesareo Caesarius Latin, from the famous family of Caesar. The saint is an obscure martyr of Terracina. Santa Chiara ClareClaire Latin, 'bright girl'. San Cipriano Cyprian Latin, 'from Cyprus'. San Ciriaco Cyriac Possibly from Greek kyrios, 'lord'.

There is serious confusion ni this name and the Latin Quiricus. A relic of his is at San Clemente. The name arrived in English via French, hence Claude, but the two forms tend to be distinguished in modern English. San Clemente Clement Latin Clemensmeaning 'mild'.

Saying Saint in Asian Languages

43 rows · Categories: Religion. Please find below many ways to say saint in different languages. This . Illustrates how santi in Italian can mean 'saints' or 'holy (plural)' in English. Sant'Aquila: Aquila Latin for 'eagle'. Not a modern first name, probably because it is masculine but looks feminine. Always venerated with his wife Priscilla as SS Aquila and Priscilla. Sant'Atanasio: Athanasius: Greek, 'deathless'. Sant'Aurea: Aurea: Latin, 'golden girl'. How to say patron saint in Italian? pa·tron saint. Would you like to know how to translate patron saint to Italian? This page provides all possible translations of the word patron saint in the Italian language. santo patrono Italian.

Today is the feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of the family, and it is a feast day celebrated by Italians everywhere. Most of the rest of this post comes from a previous one, but the thoughts and sentiments are the same. Growing up in a neighborhood filled with many Irish and Italian families, I was always happy that the Italians also had their day in March to celebrate.

Of course, not quite as loud or rowdy as St. Joseph with a food fest. And while the Irish had their green beer and accessories, the Italians, often sporting something red, had their zeppole , a cream filled fried pastry that originated in Napoli. Light, airy and filled with cream, it is fun to see the smiles they generate on those wiping the cream from their lips.

Tags: Feast of St. That looks so good! I have to find an Italian bakery near me — or else move near one — lol. Green beer, corned beef and cabbage — all American. Except the Guinness draft there is unbelievable and impossible to recreate here.

I have a feeling the best Italian holidays are celebrated in Chicago! Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Thank you for such a nice article about this tradition. I grew up in Addison and was raised on zeppole!

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Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Blogginginitaly. Living the Travel Dream. Blogging In Italy. Home About RSS. Buona Festa di San Giuseppe! Happy St. Like this: Like Loading Like Liked by 1 person Reply. Second only to celebrating them in Italy! Like Like Reply. You have inspired me to search the entire city of Casper Wyoming for my first zeppole.

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