How to spray cologne properly

how to spray cologne properly

How to apply cologne correctly

Depending on cologne, spritz or lightly dab on to specific pulse point. Then using your wrist, you want to press in to place so the cologne sits below the skin in the pulse point and not above the skin where it can slowly die away over the day. Here are our best tips to help your fragrance last all day without being overpowering. How you apply your perfume matters - read on to learn why your grandma’s method may not have been best.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best proerly on our site, be sure to turn how to spray cologne properly Javascript in your browser. The wafting trail of the overly musked man is overkill and can instantly kill the mood before it has even begun. Cologne by nature is very strong in scent, so too much can actually leave your and others nostrils in a sense of disarray. Like most products for men, less is actually more when it colognee to administering, and it is better to experiment pro;erly slowly adding than putting on too much and having to epray a shower to remove the smell.

A pulse point is an area on your body where your heart pulse can be felt. These are the best spots to apply scent, due to the warmth of how to cook chicken fettuccine alfredo with broccoli blood. The points xologne located behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.

If you are venturing out in to a noisy social scene, however, you might want to how to spray cologne properly applying a small amount behind the ear, that way when people fologne in to speak closer to you, they what is log book in hotel an attractive smell to ponder on. Depending on cologne, spritz or lightly dab on to specific pulse point.

Then using your wrist, you want to press in to sprqy so the cologne sits below the skin in the pulse point and not above the skin where it can slowly die away over the day. The wrist is a great method to place in to skin, as it is also a pulse point itself and so you can a lot more bang for your buck. For example, a light-airy scent like the Cremo Blue Epray and Cypress cologne is great for the Summer, with its top notes of lemon leaf, whereas, the Spice and Black Vanilla colognewith its vibrant dark woods spice, may serve you better in the winter months.

It is also worth mentioning that the cologne you put on for the office, might not be the best cologne to wear to a night club. However, when choosing your scent, there are some other things that need to be considered. Fragrances tend to cling to men with oily skin longer than those with drier skin, which seems to soak up the scent. When experimenting with cologne, try how to spray cologne properly assess which skin type you have, and adjust the dose of cologne accordingly.

Drinking, smoking and eating certain foods will alter the smell of your cologne. Having too much cologne on in a restaurant that serves Indian food for example, will result in your cologne mixing with the copogne of the food, making it an interesting meal to say the least. Cremo offers astonishingly superior products for the modern propelry, visit www. How to apply cologne correctly. Written By Cremo Company.

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How to Apply Your Cologne the Right Way

Mar 17,  · Many people believe that every spray of perfume will make it fragrant. But in fact, as long as you choose the right perfume for the body and apply the tips for using the right perfume, Top10perfume shares below. Surely the fragrance will remain on your body throughout the day. Along with following the article “use perfume correctly” right now! The secret to using perfume properly . Jan 30,  · After you’ve applied your cologne, don’t rub it into your skin. Cologne is not a moisturizer. Aggressively massaging it in doesn’t help it soak into your skin. Instead, rubbing cologne can break down its molecular structure, which can make the fragrance weaker or corrupt the scent. Just spray and lightly dab. Oct 29,  · If the bottle of your favorite perfume has no spray, you can decant a little bit of this perfume to a convenient fragrance atomizer with spray or to a perfume sample. In this way, you can apply the fragrance without any troubles. The same tips can be also used when men do not know how to apply cologne without spray.

Guess who puts on too much cologne? Little boys who just got their first bottle of cologne. As a grown man, the last thing you want is to walk into a room and have everyone be able to smell you. That type of attention it not what you want. Learning how to apply cologne correctly is just as much a part of becoming a man as anything else.

There are many different techniques to applying cologne, but only a few correct ways. Make sure you heed our advice before going on your next date. It might just save you. This is the most important question to answer when applying cologne. Too much or too little could send your date running for the hills.

One spray from about six inches away will usually do the trick. You only want people to smell it when they are right next to you, not halfway across the room so over use it. Plus, having too much cologne is at all tale sign of a try hard. Let her smell you when you get close and go in for that kiss instead. So where do you apply this one generous squirt? The best place to apply cologne is directly to the skin. Too often cologne is something that we wait to put on until we are already dressed for the night.

Stop thinking of cologne as a finishing touch. Start storing it in your bathroom next to your toothbrush or deodorant. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I apply one spray of cologne to the inside of one wrist, then I rub my wrists together and finally rub each of my wrists on my neck. The wrists and neck are natural pulse points, which just means they have veins close to the surface of the skin and therefore heat up more than other areas of your body.

The heat makes the cologne smell stronger and radiate for a longer period. When you apply it to the front of your shirt, the smell is likely to fade after an hour or so. There are only certain times when its appropriate to wear cologne anyway. Also you want to avoid wearing cologne when you anticipate being in a tight space with a bunch of people.

This includes special occasions like weddings or dates and social events like going out with friends over the weekend. You can really stretch a bottle of cologne out when you conserve this way. But oddly enough, this is something we rarely take the reigns on ourselves. I bet the cologne you use most right now was a gift from someone. Most guys just use what someone gifted to them.

We should decide what we smell like. So make the executive decision for your next Eau De Toilette. Bleu De Chanel is a stone-cold classic. Another cologne that has done very well is Sauvage by Christian Dior. It came out in and you had to have seen their campaign with Johnny Depp.

A very crisp and tasteful scent will make you a popular guy at those special occasions. Just remember: a little goes a long way. Home Grooming Hygiene Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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