How to use external hard drive on ps3

how to use external hard drive on ps3

How to Make Your PS3 Compatible With Your External Hard Drive

Open the hard drive on the My Computer section in your PC, and create folders there called, PICTURE, MUSIC, VIDEO, and GAME (These folders need to be created in capital letters, and their names should correspond with those on your PS3). May 30, How to play media files from your external hard drive on a PS3 console First, you have to connect your external HDD to your PS3 console using one of two USB ports that are located in the front of your PS3 console. The next step is to power your PS3. Open the main menu so you can choose to play Videos, Music, or Photos.

By BakeJun 24,51 0. Page 1 of 3. Level 2. Joined: Aug 19, Messages: Country:. Kinda late for the party, got a PS3 today. My friend said he does the same. The folder is called BLUS something. Opened multiman, clicked on tales of graces f, it brought me back to XMB and I ran the game from what are the ages of big time rush. But then it said I still need space on my hard drive to run it.

What gives? I'm running it from the external hard drive, not internal and there's obviously plenty of space inside. Tales of Graces f is 6. So what am I missing here? Do I have to use that PS3 splitter thingy? I managed to transfer the files without it. Really at loss here. EDIT: Tho to be honest with you guys, I'm not even sure how I would transfer the files from external to internal anyway. I managed to install Child of Light but it was. Level Joined: Nov 6, Messages: 10, Country:. I did a loooong time ago and worked perfectly fine.

No different from yours. I really don't understand. Can you tell me what is the message saying to you precisely? Bake likes this. The game was forced to quit. At least MB more free space is needed. Ahh, yes. You will need to deleted some games files from your PS3 XMB that might have more than mb in the internal hard drive and try again. It will work. I did that too before. Yes, but, why would my internal space matter? I'm running it from external one. What's the point of running it from external then?

I can just transfer to internal and everything would be the same. Or are you saying that some games require me to have at least some free space available on internal in order to run the games? I dont know if your game required it or not. Please try to say no and see if it can continue and if it insist you to do so then you have to do that. Only internal hard drive. Kinda silly but if it's like that, nothing I can do. Thanks for the help. Hey, since we're on the subject already. Would this what is the problem of obesity drive be okay for my model?

Is it compatible? Any compatibility lists out there? I really don't want to screw myself over if I buy this and it for some reason won't work. Yes, this should work fine.

And make sure that it is rpm since it is better than higher one due to heat problem or something that I find somewhere in the Google. Oh thanks, that's helpful. It says here I'll need to reinstall the system software.

I bought the PS3 already modded. I'd have to install the CFW on my own then? No worries. Click if you like it. Thanks, you were a huge help.

You are very welcome. By the way I recommend that you back it all up first then switch to your new HDD. Just in case if it asked you to reinstall CFW. I just read somewhere and some people have a problem. I hope that you do not have that but just in case. Backup your data to an external how to use external hard drive on ps3 whatever you want 2.

Reinstall your favorite CFW if it asks you to 4. Restore your data. Read the re-edit again. I am done. GBAtemp Patron. Level 8. Joined: Aug 2, Messages: 1, Country:.

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PlayStation 3 Know the beast

Oct 17, To get your external hard drive recognized in your PlayStation 3 scroll through the menu till you find a highlighted option saying external hard drive. Press the triangle button on your controller and choose the display all option. Aug 05, Kinda late for the party, got a PS3 today. Fat model, 80 GB, CECHL04, Rogero So after reading tons of guides online, I was under impression I can run games directly from external hard drive, without transfering them to internal.

With PS3 you can do much cool stuff besides gaming you can use it as a media player. You can play music, movies, view pictures and so much more. I will guide you through the steps you have to do to increase your PS3 storage capacity with an external hard drive.

You have found an external hard drive that you could use with your PS3 console. If so, you have to format your drive. Follow the steps below to make your external HDD compatible with your console. Note: Make sure you backup all data on your external HDD before formatting it as everything will be erased.

Open the Disk Management tab. In Windows 10, you can achieve this as shown in the picture. Locate the drive that you want to reformat, right-click on it, and click Format. Then, click Next. A summary of selected settings will be displayed. Please remember that all data will be deleted from the drive, so make sure you have made a backup. Bestseller No. Easily store and access 2TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable Drive, a USB external hard drive Designed to work with Windows or Mac computers, this external hard drive makes backup a snap just drag and drop To get set up, connect the portable hard drive to a computer for automatic recognition no software required Buy on Amazon Bestseller No.

Do not delete games from PS4 consoles just to make room for new ones; Store 50 plus games with 2TB of portable hard Official Licensed PS4 product for seamless operation and compatibility; Operates under PS4 hard drive firmware Dive into the action with a quick step by step setup and plug and play USB 3.

USB 3. Portable and durable form factor that provides fast access to your gaming library, anywhere you go. Buy on Amazon.

Contact About Privacy Adverstise with us Giveaways. Easily store and access 2TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable Drive, a USB external hard drive Designed to work with Windows or Mac computers, this external hard drive makes backup a snap just drag and drop To get set up, connect the portable hard drive to a computer for automatic recognition no software required.

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