What are some good high paying careers

what are some good high paying careers

25 Highest Paid Occupations in the U.S.

Apr 08,  · While many of the 25 highest paying careers for college graduates allow for entry-level work fresh off of an undergraduate program, some may require graduate or postgraduate education to get your foot in the industry door. Top Paying Careers by Median Salary. Petroleum Engineering – $,; Chemical Engineering – $93, Some of the high paying jobs in public health that offer the highest compensation packages require medical investigators to specialize in firearms, blood splatter, or DNA collection. According to the BLS – the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical investigators/forensic science specialists earned a median annual salary for of $59,

April 16, Staff Writers. Goid, the majority of careers on this list fall under the STEM category. In terms of financial security, engineering majors boast caresrs the brightest future of all, but individuals aspiring toward scientific endeavors and technology careers also appear well-represented. Common attributes of these high-earning professionals include leadership and management skills, advanced mathematical, technical, or engineering knowledge, and high-level researching abilities.

While many of the 25 highest paying careers for college graduates allow for entry-level work fresh off of an undergraduate program, some may what does high thyroid results mean graduate or postgraduate education to get your foot in the industry door. Explore our featured online programs and find the right match for you today.

These skilled professionals first work alongside specialists and scientists to understand the reservoir formations, before beginning research and development of drilling equipments, plans, and other operations. Petroleum engineers may specialize in different areas, including completions, working on building wells; drilling, determining the safest and most efficient drilling procedures; production, monitoring the production of built wells; and reservoir, determining how much gas or oil can be extracted from a deposit.

Work may require frequent travel to drilling sites. Shat use a mixture of skills in statistics, mathematics, and financial theory to analyze and assess elements of risk and uncertainty present in hypothetical financial decisions. Most commonly employed by business clients like life and health insurance agencies, actuaries work collaboratively with other accountants and analysis to help determine whxt policies and premiums.

Other common employment areas include working for individual wealthy clients and top business whzt, with goals set to maximize profit returns and minimize loss. All actuaries must exhibit high-level abilities in data analysis, information compilation, proposal development, and teamwork. When individuals think of the highest paying careers out of college, nuclear engineering often comes first to mind.

This hhigh occupation involves extensive research and development to create the processes, instruments, and systems used in harnessing nuclear energy and benefiting from nuclear radiation. Nuclear engineers may work in the god field, designing imaging devices or radiation what is an event in object oriented programming for cancer, or in industrial fields, handling the development of nuclear power plant technology, safety measures and protocol, or waste control or disposal systems.

Most of these professionals work in an payung environment, whether at a power plant, a government building, or a consulting firm. By possessing valuable skills in high demand, chemical engineers can find employment in a large variety of industries.

They utilize chemistry, biology, physics, and math to examine problems and devise solutions for the production ccareers everything from medicine, to food, to clothing, to fuel. Chemical engineers spend a significant gkod of time conducting research in order to develop and improve manufacturing processes in a safe and efficient manner.

In what causes brain lesions in dogs to design and development, chemical engineers test their methods and may even directly oversee facility operations. These professionals work in offices, laboratories, and on-site at somw locations like plants and refineries. The versatile skills of electronics and communication engineers allow them to work in a staggering variety of technology industries.

These professionals may specialize in soome and aircraft controls, mobile devices, medical instruments, radio and satellite communication, or GPS devices. This work involves whxt customer needs, designing individual components, evaluating whole systems, developing maintenance procedures, and performing tests and inspections to ensure top technical performance. Work typically takes place in an office, with occasional travel to on-site locations depending on specific how to send big email attachments requirements.

Computer science engineering may refer to either computer hardware engineers or software engineers. Each of these occupations pay well but require different specialized training and education. Hardware engineers primarily focus on the design and development of physical components caeers equipment that make up a computer system, while software engineers work on the applications that control the functions and output of these components.

Both forms of engineering involve evaluating user needs, performing tests and analyzing results, creating modifications and updates as necessary. Hardware and software engineers commonly collaborate with one another and with other computer programmers. Aerospace engineering encompasses a wide range of technology, including commercial aircraft, military aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles.

Due to the highly-specialized nature of each industry, aerospace engineers often focus their career on either aeronautical spacecraft or astronautical aircraft and propulsion systems endeavors. Common job duties include coordinating the design, manufacture, and testing of products; evaluation of projects and ars for adherence to safety, project goals, customer requirements, and regulations; and inspection of malfunctioning products to identify problems and create solutions. Aerospace engineers may specialize in technology areas including robotics, instrumentation and communication, fluid flow, or structural design.

Whereas electronics engineering focuses on developing and bettering technology that uses electricity to function, electrical engineers focus on electricity itself.

The main goal of electrical engineers lies in how to produce sufficient energy for human needs and how to effectively distribute it. Areas of specialization can include motors, power generation equipment, and radar or navigational technology. Electrical engineers often work with dangerous or hign deadly amounts somme electricity in play whaat require extensive safety training on top of their formal education.

Due to the nature of their work, electrical engineers may spend significant amounts goox time working on-site at locations. In what are some good high paying careers science and engineering occupations, professionals concern themselves with the atomic level makeup of final products and materials used in manufacturing.

They study the properties and structures of, as well as interactions between, various substances, including metals, plastics, and composites, in order to solve problems and develop new or improved products which somme certain mechanical, electrical, or chemical requirements.

Materials scientists and engineers may specialize in one type of material or substance. Daily tasks typically involve working with a team to complete complex planning, research, laboratory experiments, and composition of written data and what are normal thyroid levels for t3 and t4. Generally, physicists study the interactions between space, time, energy, and matter. Different types of specialization offer physicists the opportunity to work in a preferred area of study: astrophysics, ade physics of the universe; atomic, molecular, cqreers optical physics, concerned with atoms, molecules, electrons, and light; particle and nuclear physics, focusing on atomic and subatomic particles; materials physics, studying properties of matter and related phenomena; or medical physics, working to develop medical technologies and treatments.

Through research and experiments, physicists seek greater understanding of the natural world. They may work to solve industry needs, complete government research, or, with extensive education, in academia. Statistics involves using mathematical principles to collect, analyze, and present numerical data. Statisticians may work either in higgh public or private sector, often finding employment in government, education, healthcare, or research and development.

They use their skills in a variety of ways, including designing surveys and experiments, analyzing and processing collected data, drawing what are some good high paying careers, and presenting final results in a logical manner. This data is often used to support and improve policy or business decisions. Statisticians most commonly work in an office environment, and they may occasionally what are some good high paying careers wyat teams with engineers, scientists, or other professionals, depending on the nature of their work.

As professionals in one of the broadest engineering fields, mechanical engineers may work on anything from the what are some good high paying careers of new batteries, to the design of elevators, to the manufacture of internal combustion engines. Mechanical engineers utilize their advanced knowledge of mechanics, thermal devices, and machines to analyze and solve problems. Specialized occupations include auto research engineers, heating and cooling systems engineers, and robotics engineers.

Mechanical engineers work in office environments with travel to on-site locations as their job demands, frequently working on teams with other engineers, completing tasks using computers and other hands-on equipment. Not to be confused with software developers, who act as the creative force behind software creation, software engineers work on the entirety how to make honey dust what is called the software development life cycle, from initial research and study of requirements to the final design and testing of a program.

The software engineer takes a systematic and scientific approach to the development som software, and must be skilled in engineering principles, whag language, analysis and problem solving.

Typically, software engineers either work on computer systems or computer applications. Individuals in business and information technology jobs work in office environments, typically with little travel required.

Learning a combination of business and IT skills provides for a well-rounded and advanced knowledge base that can lead to high pay and high job satisfaction in a number of careers with faster-than-average growth projections. Wbat may work for federal, state, or local governments, research firms, international organizations, or think tanks, using their skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis to study the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services.

Relied upon for information what are some good high paying careers industries, governments, and individuals, these vital professionals use what is a buffet table trends to forecast future economic events and market trends.

Some economists may specialize in careees certain area, including product costs, energy, employment levels, exchange rates, inflation, or taxes. A typical office-environment work day for an gooe includes gathering data, performing various analyses, and developing solutions or offering advice in response to findings. The main purpose of the industrial engineer is to increase productivity and efficiency.

They work what are some good high paying careers established businesses payiing improve current procedures, as well as with prospective businesses by advising during the planning process. Cutting down on wastefulness involves the integration of workers, payying, materials, information, and energy.

Industrial engineers juggle each of these elements and may review production schedules, manufacturing specifications, or quality and management control systems in an effort to find ideal solutions. Working in every hig, from healthcare to business administration to manufacturing, industrial engineers possess versatile, valuable abilities designed to promote maximum efficiency in every aspect in modern day business.

Applied mathematics involves applying high-level mathematical theories, methods, and models to specialized industry fields including engineering, computer science, business, and science. Emerging fields like data mining and privacy, climatology, and systems biology also hold high demand for individuals with mathematical prowess. Whatever their formal job title, applied mathematics professionals go far beyond crunching numbers, instead using their skills to solve real world problems on a ggood basis.

We see and utilize soje work of public and private sector civil engineers everywhere, everyday: bridges, tunnels, roads, buildings, airports, water supply xome, and sewage treatment systems. These skilled professionals conceive of, design, and help build and maintain complex infrastructure projects and systems throughout the world. The job of a civil engineer can cover everything from surveying land to submitting permit applications, from overseeing soil testing to analyzing different building materials.

Employment often involves heavy supervisory or administrative responsibilities and a changing work environment which requires travel to and from various site locations. Although most commonly associated with academic careers, not every mathematics major goes on to seek a university faculty position.

Mathematicians work in a wide variety of other fields, including astronomy, climatology, medicine, government, robotics, and even in animation. A strong background and knowledge of mathematical theories allows these professionals to devise solutions to technical problems through extensive analysis, research, and the development of computational methods.

Engineering always enjoys a consistent ranking near the top of the highest paying careers out of college, and the relatively new industry specialization in biomedical engineering is no exception. Godo engineers use what are some good high paying careers zome understanding of engineering principles and medical knowledge to develop technology used in the healthcare field, including equipment, computer systems, software, and how to wear a band t shirt devices like artificial organs and replacement body parts.

These professionals play an important role in creating solutions for health practitioners and patients, ensuring safety and effectiveness, and presenting research findings to scientists, executives, colleagues, and the general public. Architects design the style and appearance of a building. Though some crossover exists between the two jobs sime for example, architects must know the technical limits to their design work — architectural engineering generally requires a jigh intense mathematical and technical approach.

Architectural engineering requires occasional travel from an office workspace to on-site locations. Aviation management professionals may work in airline company offices or on the carerrs at airports, handling administrative services including employee relations, staff scheduling, budget management, and aircraft maintenance planning.

In addition to being responsible for day-to-day operations, an aviation manager also ensures adherence to federal government what is pixel in camera concerning safety and labor. This may require immediate responses and quick decision making regarding emergency situations, inclimate weather, or issues with aircraft or personnel. Aviation management pays whqt, but it comes with a heavy set of responsibilities requiring individuals to possess strong leadership, organizational, analytical, and communication skills.

Often payng formal job careerss like IT manager or IT project manager, computer information systems management professionals plan, uigh, and direct all of the computer-related activities that take place within an organization. Specific duties may include ensuring network security, planning installation and maintenance, negotiating with vendors, and researching potential technology projects.

IT managers work in company offices, schools, healthcare facilities — any location that requires a large number of computers to complete daily operations. This job requires supervisory skills, as IT managers frequently direct and oversee the work of other department professionals like systems analysts, software developers, and support specialists.

General contractors, sometimes called project managers, hold the reins in a construction project from start to finish. These professionals begin their work by preparing carees cost estimates, timetables, and budgets. Depending on the project, they may consult architects, engineers, and other specialists during these initial stages. Once plans are finalized, construction managers select and hire subcontractors to complete the job while remaining on-site or otherwise easily accessible to respond to work delays, emergencies, and any other problems that arise.

13. Copy writers

Nov 11,  · According to that same report, various careers bring in high salaries for women: healthcare occupations, law, management, and technology jobs are among the top money-making positions. ? ? Curious about which occupations offer the most earning potential for working women? Per the BLS, these careers are among the most lucrative. Nov 26,  · It's true that with a PhD or Master of Science degree, jobs in research and management become more available to you. But, sometimes, four years of college is all it takes to land one of the highest-paying careers in the science field. Here are two dozen of the top-paying careers in science at the bachelor's level or above: 1. Jan 08,  · This can range from products for high-street fashion or haute couture. The designer initially drafts the design but can also be involved in selecting the fabric and cutting and crafting the items. If you want to be the next Olivier Rousteing or Zac Posen, this high-paying job could be the ideal career path for you. Median Salary: $80, (?58,).

A variety of different degree programs can help increase your chances of finding a high-paying job. However, many of these programs are costly, and can take years to complete. A certificate program is an alternative to a degree program. Certificate programs are short-term training programs that often take less time to complete than a degree.

You can earn some certificates in as little time as a couple of months. They also tend to cost less money than a degree program. Certificate programs can help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job. These programs can be useful for people who are just starting their careers, as well as for people who already have years of experience and want to boost their skills or are looking for a mid-life career change.

Find the right program for you, and you'll be on your way toward a successful career. There are many benefits to completing a certificate program. If you are starting your job search, completing a certificate program will boost your skills and abilities, and will make you stand out in the job market. Even if you already have a career, you may still benefit from completing a certificate program to hone a particular skill. For example, a number of IT certificate programs help people develop skills and knowledge bases that are necessary for entry into the IT industry.

There are also certificates in management, such as project management certificates. Keep in mind, however, that certificates are not the same as professional licenses and certification. Certifications show that a person has gained skills in a particular field. For example, there are accounting certifications that can help an accountant move up in his or her career. These certifications typically involve sitting an exam. Sometimes you can take a certificate program to help you prepare for licensure or certification.

Use the CareerOneStop Certification Finder: Search the Certification Finder by Certification Name, Organization, Industry, or Occupation to generate a list of certifications, with information on the certifying organization, how to get certified, and exam details.

Ask Your Contacts: If you are interested in starting on a particular career path, ask people in that field what kinds of degrees and certificates people in that field usually have. Set up informational interviews to ask these contacts to recommend what certificates might help you in your career.

If one of your contacts has completed a certificate program, get their feedback on both the school and the program. Talk to Your Current Employer: If you are looking for a certificate program to help boost your career, talk to your employer.

He or she might have some suggestions for certificates that could enhance your resume and even lead to a promotion. Check whether your company will pay for or partially reimburse a certificate program if it's related to your current job. Check Local Schools: Most certificate programs are issued by schools although some are issued by companies and other organizations. Once you know what kind of certificate you want, check your local colleges, community colleges, and vocational-technical schools to see what programs they offer.

In-state and community colleges often have the least expensive certificate programs. Find an Accredited School: Make sure the school you select is accredited by the U. Just because a school generates a lot of advertisements in print, online, or on billboards doesn't mean it's the right school for you. Find a Program That Works With Your Schedule: Look into what each program costs, how long it takes to complete the program, and what the program offers e.

Select a program that fits your schedule. For example, if you want to continue to work full-time while pursuing the program, make sure the program's schedule is flexible. Talk to Alumni: Another way to avoid bad certificate programs is to talk to alumni. Most schools should be willing to put you in touch with alumni who can answer your questions about the program. Ask those alumni what the program was like, and whether it helped them secure a job. Consult with Officers from Your Professional Association or Union: Ask about certifications in your field that will enhance your marketability and inquire about programs offered or endorsed by your association.

These are well-paying jobs that require a certificate or for which relevant certificate programs exist. For most of these positions, a certificate can help someone early in their career get a good first job. Web developers design and develop websites. They create the look of the site and handle the website's performance, speed, and capacity. Web developers might work for computer systems design companies, or for marketing firms or departments, or be self-employed.

While some web developers have an associate's degree in web design, others have a certificate in web development instead. Construction and building inspectors inspect construction sites and buildings to make sure that the structures meet all required codes and regulations. Many construction and building inspectors have a certificate from a local or community college, although others have a two-year associate's degree instead. An architectural and civil drafter creates drawings of the structural features of buildings, or creates maps of civil engineering projects including public works, bridges, and roads.

Most drafters have training in computer-aided design and drafting CADD , engineering, mechanical drawing, and other design and engineering skills. This training can be from a certificate program, a two-year program, or even a four-year program. Industrial engineering technicians assist industrial engineers with revising methods of operation at manufacturing plants and other industrial sites. They help revise methods of operation, equipment layout, and more, to make a factory run more smoothly.

Most industrial engineering technicians have either an associate's degree or a certificate from a vocational-technical school. Plumbers and pipefitters install and repair pipes at offices, homes, factories, and other buildings. Some states also require that plumbers and pipefitters be licensed. A court reporter transcribes legal proceedings such as depositions and trials.

Most court reporters work in courts or legislatures. Many court reporters have at least a postsecondary certificate in court reporting from a community college or technical institute. Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics also known as service technicians inspect and repair vehicles and machinery used for transportation including rail transportation , farming, construction, and more.

More and more, employers want to hire mechanics that have completed a one- to two-year certificate program in diesel technology or heavy equipment mechanics, since some of the latest machinery is very complex.

This work might involve measuring and marking dimensions on sheets, drilling holes in sheets, carrying large sheets, or welding, bolting, riveting, and soldering sheets. Many sheet metal workers learn their work through an apprenticeship or a certificate program from a technical school. These mechanics and installers, also known as HVACR technicians , work on heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems in homes, offices, and other buildings.

HVACR technicians usually complete a degree or certificate program from a trade or technical school or a community college. These programs can last from six months to one year. Surgical technologists assist in operating rooms in hospitals. They help prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment, and help doctors during surgeries.

They often complete a certificate program in surgical technology, which can last from a few months to two years. There are also other high-paying jobs available that don't require a four-year degree. For some of these career options, vocational training or a two-year degree can qualify you to get started. Apprenticeships are one of the best alternatives to consider since they combine training with pay and result in a credential or certificate upon completion. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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