What is a zipcar membership

what is a zipcar membership

Instantly book cars near you

Zipcar membership costs $7 a month or $70 a year. Reserve cars by the hour or by the day. Gas, insurance options,* and miles per day are all included in membership. Other fees, such as a young driver fee, may apply. Price it out. Oct 05, †Ј Zipcar Membership Contract. Effective: October 5, This Contract is a vehicle-sharing service subscription contract between Zipcar and the Member. All Members are required to accept and comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

See all Zipcar cities. Need a car? Book how to check usage of bsnl broadband in online on demand by the hour or day. Join instantly, drive in minutes. Waht online with a valid driver's license.

Most people are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes. Book a round trip car by the hour or day. Use membetship app to unlock and lock during your trip. We'll also send you a Zipcard. When you're done, park the car in the same location you picked it membershpi from, then end the trip with the app. Apply online with a valid driver's license and download our personal car rental app.

Most people are approved instantly and rent a car within minutes. Learn more. Reserve cars by the hour or by the day. Other fees, such as a young driver feemay apply. Price it out.

First, sign up for membership. Most members are approved instantly and can book their first daily or hourly car rental within minutes but in some cases, it may take a little longer to check your driving record. As soon as you're how to estimate workers compensation cost, you can book a Zipcar near you and use our car memberhsip app to unlock and lock during your trip.

We'll also mail you a ZipcardЧan zzipcar card to any Zipcar vehicle you reserve. It arrives in business what is a zipcar membership. Until it does, it's better to book cars what is a zipcar membership trips in places where your phone has service. Zipcars live in more than cities and towns globally.

Type your address in the search bar below to find Zipcars near you. We're sorry, there are no Zipvans available membersbip your area. To reserve a truck or SUV, click below. Waht see if there are other Zipcar vehicles nearby, click below. No matter where or how long you what is a zipcar membership, miles are included per day with most membership plans. Yes, gas is included in the cost of your Zipcar membership.

You can find the free gas card in the visor over the driver's seat of every Zipcar. To use, insert the card at gas station as you would a credit zipvar. Learn more about how to fuel up here. All members in good standing have secondary third party auto liability and Personal Injury Protection PIP or "no-fault" coverage. More details. Starting zicar are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to discounts, availability, holidays, or other factors.

Actual prices may vary. Other fees may apply. You may review your zipvar estimated reservation cost whxt you confirm your reservation. It looks like you might be in the. Would you like to update your location? Main navigation. Help Sign in Join. United States. United Kingdom. London Bristol Oxford Mmebership. Instantly book cars near you What is developmental dysplasia of the hip a car?

Join now. How Zipcar works. Round Trip Round trip. Join in minutes. Drive on demand. View Pricing. How Zipcar works: FAQ. How do I join Zipcar? How soon can I drive with Zipcar? Go outlet shopping at Wrentham. Or just cruise around your favorite squareЧDavis or Copley? Explore more with the world's leading car-sharing network. Use the map to find Zipcar locations near you. Change location. Address, neighborhood, what is a zipcar membership zip.

Vehicle Type. Trip Types. All Trip Types. Soon you'll have access to cars near you. Check back soon. Starting rates are estimates only. I'm a Roundtrip vehicle so you'll always find me here. I'm a Flex car so move around town. Reserve me in the app. Estimate the cost of your next trip below. Select your trip type to get started. Select a trip Roundtrip Flex. Estimated trip cost :. Switch it up whenever you feel like it. Our cars: FAQ. What types of cars can I drive?

Is gas included? More questions? Why Zipcar? Reserve wgat when you want them, by the hour or day, and only pay for the time you drive.

Save money. Cars near you. Drive on-demand. Go beyond public transit. Zipcar for Students Getting around campus has never been easier. Drive Zipcars at over university campuses. Go to Zipcar for Universities. Zipcar for Business Keep your business moving with on-demand cars zipcsr low-cost weekday rates. Go to Zipcar for Business. Ready to drive? All rights reserved. United States EN.

How Zipcar works

Apr 30, †Ј Zipcar has several membership options to fit your needs. View available plans in your city here.. Join Now. Changing Your Membership Plan. If you're already a member, you can find more information on available plans in your metro by clicking here to navigate to your account page. Under the my membership section, select the Change my plan button to view available options. Jan 28, †Ј There are Zipcar locations for members all around the country, and even in others! This is a subscription-based service that allows you to reserve a car and pay at an hourly or daily, rate depending on how long you need it and pay a monthly or annual fee and the cost of the reservation.

Zipcar is an American car-sharing company and a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. Zipcar provides automobile reservations to its members, billable by the minute, hour or day; members may have to pay a monthly or annual membership fee in addition to car reservations charges. Zipcar was founded in by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase. In September , Zipcar announced that it had 1 million members across cities in 9 countries, and offers nearly 10, vehicles. Members can reserve vehicles with Zipcar's mobile app, online, or in some places by phone at any time, either immediately or up to a year in advance.

Zipcar members have automated access to the cars using an access card which unlocks the door; the keys are already located inside. Alternatively, members can use Zipcar's Android or iPhone app to locate a Zipcar by honking its horn as well as to unlock the doors. Fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance are included in the price. In the third quarter of , Zipcar merged with Seattle-based rival Flexcar to create a nationwide car rental company.

In June , the first Zipcars hit the road around Boston, Massachusetts. In January , Antje was fired after Robin Chase petitioned Zipcar's board for the ability to make hiring and firing decisions without consulting them. In September , the Washington, D.

In August , San Francisco office opened. In May , the Toronto office opened. In September , Toronto market was named fastest growing new market in company history. In November , London office opened. In April , Vancouver office opened.

In October , Zipcar and Flexcar executives announced a merger of the two companies, with the Zipcar brand and headquarters replacing that of Flexcar. Mark Norman remained as president until February , when Avis Budget Group announced that Kaye Ceille was appointed president of Zipcar, and "Mark Norman would step down in order to pursue another career opportunity. Zhen came over from TripAdvisor where she had been a vice president and general manager.

Having taken cars off the road, the company had trouble keeping up with demand, causing a backlog at the customer service center. Some customers reported being stranded without transportation and unable to reach customer service to complain or cancel their membership. Members are able to view vehicle availability and reserve a self-service car via the internet, Android, and iPhone apps, or by telephone, in increments as short as 30 minutes. Members pay only for time they reserve.

Zipcar vehicles report their positions to a control center using in-car technology. If the rental is longer than 24 hours, then the member is entitled to miles km per 24 hours; then 20 miles 32 km per additional hour of the reservation period until miles km is reached. If the rental reservation is longer than 24 hours, then kilometres mi is included per 24 hours period along with 15 kilometres 9. Members are given an access card containing a wireless chip that will open the vehicle they have reserved only at the time they have reserved it.

A member can reserve and use a Zipcar in any Zipcar city. Zipcar was sued in and again in [30] by customers alleging that they charged excessive or hidden fees. The lawsuit was dismissed in , after U. District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton found that every penalty except an inactive-user charge is legal.

Schneiderman, New York State law mandates if rental car companies mean to pursue charges for damages to their vehicles, they must give consumers the opportunity to dispute the complaint.

Schneiderman's office alleges Zipcar failed to follow this requirement. The company sometimes purportedly charged consumers damage fees before notifying them of the charges.

As a settlement, Zipcar will refund any damage charges assessed against consumers who disputed their responsibility for the damage. Zipcar launched its Zipcar for Business program in early to provide companies with discounts on Monday-Friday driving. Since the launch of the program, Zipcar has signed 10, small, medium, and large sized businesses, as companies are increasingly adopting Zipcar's on demand car rental model as a cost-saving alternative for employee travel.

Zipcar offers more than 50 makes and models of vehicles. Each vehicle has a home location: a reserved parking space located on a street, driveway, or neighborhood parking lot in the member's area, to which it must be returned at the end of the reservation. The locations of all Zipcars and models available at those locations are available at the Zipcar website. The makes and models of Zipcar vehicles available vary by location for example, on college campuses, most Zipcar vehicles are economy, hybrid , and full-size cars , though members are able to choose the exact make and model of vehicle they wish from the list of available vehicles online or in the Zipcar smartphone application.

Most Zipcar vehicles will feature decals with the Zipcar logo. Each vehicle has a "name" that help the renter to identify their specific vehicle. Zipcar offers vehicles in different categories, such as economy cars, electric vehicles EV's , hybrid vehicles, full-size cars, luxury vehicles such as those from Audi , BMW , Mercedes-Benz , and other luxury manufacturers , SUV 's, pickup trucks , and cargo vans. A Zipcar vehicle will not unlock for the renter until their exact reservation time.

Renters unlock their vehicle both at the beginning of the reservation and throughout the rental by either holding their Zipcar membership Radio Frequency Identification RFID card or smartphone against the upper corner of the vehicle's windshield.

The vehicle's keys are always tied to the steering column of the vehicle, and stay inside the vehicle at all times. A Zipcar "Copilot" guide is located in the driver's side sun visor, and includes a complimentary refueling card gasoline card , insurance information, the vehicle registration card, and information about both the vehicle, as well as rental policies and procedures. Zipcars have RFID readers located on the windshield that communicates with the card to lock and unlock the doors of the vehicle.

Each vehicle records hours of usage and mileage, which is uploaded to a central computer via a wireless data link. The location of the vehicles is not tracked during a reservation for privacy reasons but is trackable, and all cars are equipped with a "kill" function that allows the company to prevent the car from starting in the event of theft.

Zipcar also offers the embedded Information Technologies it has installed in its fleet as a fleet optimization service through its FastFleet service. During a rental, a Zipcar member can interface with their rented vehicle using the Zipcar smartphone app, which includes the ability to locate the vehicle in a parking lot including GPS location and the ability to sound the vehicle's horn and flash the lights and unlock or lock the vehicle.

Among its fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, and through an agreement between Honda and Zipcar, the program offers clean fuel and low-emission vehicles that include the Insight hybrid , Civic Hybrid , and Honda Fit EV all- electric car. Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius are also available. In the United Kingdom, some vehicles are branded "Zipcar Flex" which means that they can be left anywhere within a designated zone, rather than in a specific parking space.

The remaining vehicles are branded "Zipcar Roundtrip". On October 31, , Zipcar and Flexcar announced their intentions to merge. In December , Zipcar announced their participation in a round of financing with Avancar, the largest on-demand car rental company in Spain, based in Barcelona. Under the terms of the agreement, Zipcar acquired a minority interest in Avancar, a Zipcar executive joined Avancar's board and Zipcar was given a year option to increase the company's ownership stake.

On Facebook and Instagram, the company cited a decision made by Avis to discontinue the service in the Spanish city. For members under 21, Zipcar provides insurance coverage at state-mandated levels. Zipcar has received some scrutiny for their low coverage limits. Insurance coverage may vary depending on the region of use. Previously, Zipcars traveling into Canada from the U. Similar to members of Zipcar U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American car-sharing company. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

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