What is wrong with america today

what is wrong with america today

Whats Wrong with America?

Jul 02, Whats wrong with America is that our government is a lie. Lie #1, is the kind of government we have. Americans, think we are a democracy. Instead, our government is an oligarchy of rich and powerful men who, through their great wealth, pull the strings that make the rest of us dance. What's Wrong with America? | Wake Up World.

July 2nd, By Alan R Adaschik. Guest writer for Wake Up World. Lie 1, is the kind of government we have. Americans, think we are a democracy. Instead, our government is an oligarchy of rich and powerful men who, through their great wealth, pull the strings that make the rest of us dance.

In other words, our government is not our government. Instead, it is their government! Lie 2, which goes hand in hand with lie 1, is that our Constitution governs how our government functions and operates. A constitution is a document created by a people to establish a government and specify what it can and cannot do.

This being true, it is a document that belongs solely to the people who created it and not to the government it established.

Therefore, it follows that if a government deviates from the provisions of its constitution, even in a small and insignificant way, it has severed the bonds that tie it to the people the government is pledged to serve. As a result, it has become an illegal and fraudulent enterprise. So, it is with the government that rules the United States. Americans are no longer citizens playing a role in how they are governed but instead, subjects at the mercy of what is called a New World Order.

This horrible state of affairs came about because of privately owned central banking. How to advertise a house rub is that a group of international bankers, were handed the right to create money out of thin air, money which they keep and loan how to apply in australia as nurse our government at interest.

This loan and interest, must be paid back from taxes paid by working Americans. This fraudulent arrangement how to make a baby on sims 2 for ps2 the criminal bankers to siphon off the wealth and productivity of our nation, while doing nothing in return.

This massive wealth is then used to corrupt our government and the other institutions of what is wrong with america today. To say the least, this is astounding, but it is also undeniably true! This is readily discernable from events that have shaped our world today. InCongress passed the Federal Reserve Act. Prior to its how to use thunderbird with gmail our government behaved, for the most part, as required by our Constitution.

However, all this changed because of the Federal Reserve Act. From the day what is wrong with america today its passage, our Constitution became a worthless scrap of paper ignored, for the most part, by those what is the american debt crisis govern us.

Our Constitution specifies that Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate its value. The Constitution does not give Congress authority to transfer this power to anyone else, especially a privately owned international banking cartel. Yet, in gross and flagrant violation of their oath of office, Congress did this. Furthermore, if our government does anything not provided for in our Constitution, without amending it, then such action is unconstitutional.

Air Force, the newly created U. All of these federal offices and agencies are unconstitutional, and our elected representatives know this. Before taking office, they swear an oath to uphold and preserve our Constitution. This oath is sworn before the people of this nation and also before God. Despite this, when taking their oath, elected officials have no intention of honoring it.

As a result, the oath they swore is a deliberate lie, and by lying they have disgraced themselves and made a mockery of the office they hold. But no matter, by being traitors to us and our Constitution, they have joined an elite club where they will profit handsomely by obeying its unwritten rules. Lying is endemic and systemic to the government which what is wrong with america today us, and their lying supports a hidden agenda.

These men are the epitome of greed and their motivations are more money, more power, and curiously, establishment of the nation of Israel. The latter being the pet project of the House of Rothschildthe dominant and richest banking family of them all.

For the past years, these banking families have had a sinister role in orchestrating world events including WWI, WWII, and our present wars on terror. Creation of the nation of Israel played a key role in all these wars. The best example we have of government lying is the Six Day War inwhich broke out between Israel and a coalition of Arab nations. The Arab nations had an overwhelming superiority of men and munitions.

Therefore, they were favored to win. However, Israel had an ace up its sleeve; its dominance of our government through its patrons in the Federal Reserve bank. The results of this nefarious relationship, was a false flag attack by Israel on an American ship the USS Libertyto sink it and murder its entire crew.

As part of this diabolical scheme, President Johnson ordered a nuclear strike on Cairo. However, the scheme fell apart, because Israel failed to sink the Liberty; only managing to cripple the ship, kill 34 of what is wrong with america today crew while wounding others. President Johnson tipped his hand about his role in this treasonous affair, when he ordered a call back of the 6 th fleet jet fighters launched to aid the Liberty.

The telling point what age for booster seat in california when President Johnson said this, no one but the conspirators knew which nation was attacking the Liberty. The USS Liberty incident is a shameful event in the history of the United States, and a great embarrassment to this nation and its people.

It should be obvious why the United States and Israel would lie to coverup this this treacherous and diabolical affair. The United States commissioned seven investigations into this matter and all of them exonerated Israel for its role in the attack. Israel claimed it was a case of mistaken identity.

In contrast, every single surviving crew member of the USS Liberty thinks the attack was planned and deliberate. To all of them, the investigations were a whitewash and coverup because of the numerous omissions of fact and key testimony deliberately ignored and excluded by the investigations in question. The government of the United States is no longer sovereign.

Instead, it is a stooge and a tool used by the New World Order banking families to control Americans and further their ultimate goal of dominating and enslaving mankind. Because of this hidden agenda, our government has become a government of lies and today, even news outlets have become smoke and mirror vehicles for hiding the truth. This is not the way things are supposed to be.

Because of privately owned central banking, the world is sinking into anarchy and chaos. There is only one way to save ourselves what is wrong with america today this is to defang the banking families of the New World Order by bringing them to justice, seizing their criminally obtained assets, and declaring debts owed them to be null and void.

These steps are the only way to rebuild society and restore peace and justice to our world. Think you know American history? Think again. Adaschik reveals how the citizens of the United States have been played for fools over the past century.

Very few Americans know anything about what is behind the events which have shaped our nation. Since then, these people have pulled the strings that made a nation dance. By controlling the media and infiltrating most key institutions of our society, they have kept Americans oblivious to what they were doing, and why, creating systems that are self-serving to them and not in the best interests of the nation.

This book sheds much-needed light upon what most people do not know, in the hope of snapping them out of the trance which holds them in captivity.

This author knows his material We all know that the media is controlled this tells us how and who. Alan Adaschik was born in New London, Connecticut in Lane High School. Upon completing college, Al qualified for Navy flight training and received his wings as a Jet Fighter Pilot in June of The Court what is wrong with america today his lawsuit was without merit on technical reasons and Al did not pursue the matter further.

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Jul 03, Americas sobering reckoning has been laid bare for the world to see a nation beset by protests and rioting over police abuses, growing inequalities, a . Jul 22, If you are frustrated or angry with what you see wrong in America, you could be part of the solution by simply changing your frame of mind. Learn how. Unfortunately, in todays culture, big. Jan 26, If you want to know whats wrong with America today, read the book Tightrope: Americans Reaching For Hope, which also ran as an abbreviated New .

It tells the story of a school bus Nicholas rode in a rural Oregon town in the s, not much different from Humboldt. Of the five Knapp family kids who had once been so cheery, four have died.

Farlan died of liver failure from drinking and drugs, Zealan burned to death in a house fire while passed out drunk, Rogena died from hepatitis linked to drug use and Nathan blew himself up cooking meth. The only surviving child, Keylan, spent 13 years in a state penitentiary. The Knapp family went from a typical middle-class American family to being decimated in a generation.

Among the other local kids on that bus, Mike died from suicide, Steve from a motorcycle accident, Cindy from depression and a heart attack, Jeff from a daredevil car crash, Billy from diabetes in prison, Kevin from obesity-related ailments, Tim from a construction accident, Sue from undetermined causes. At least one more is in prison, and another is homeless. We live in two Americas today. One America lives in the major urban cities think professional sports franchise cities and the other in the vast rural areas.

Look no further than the election map. One has careers, not jobs. One has equity and assets, not debts. One has income streams, salaries and bonuses along with insanely high housing prices and atrocious traffic , not minimum wage. One has employee benefits, not public assistance.

I recently had lunch with a good friend of mine who spent most of his adult life working various union jobs on the Samoa Peninsula. One by one, the saw mills and then the pulp mills went out of business until Evergreen Pulp Mill finally shut down in The same decline happened with our local timber and fishing industries. Like many other parts of rural America, first the good-paying jobs disappeared, partly because of technology, robotics and globalization, but also because of political and corporate pressures on unions.

Then Congress changed the tax code for a distribution of power and wealth toward corporations and billionaires. Second, there was an explosion of drugs heroin, crack cocaine, meth, oxy and now fentanyl.

This was augmented by the aggressive opioid marketing campaigns by pharmaceutical companies. Third, the war on drugs sent many mothers and fathers to jail, imploding families and perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Working-class towns across America disintegrated because of lost jobs, broken families and depression, magnified by alcohol and drugs. The suffering was invisible to those at the top, but the results were brutally evident for all to see.

Since , American schools have become increasingly segregated by race and wealth. Children in lower income school districts perform on average four grade levels behind those in wealthy districts.

Suicides are at their highest rate since World War II. The sad thing is those at the lower income strata who voted for Trump, hoping he would rescue them. However the number of children without health insurance has increased by more than , under the Trump Administration. Say what you want about President Trump, however he understands one simple fact: A sociopath beats a socialist every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

My biggest fear this November. Matthew Owen resides in Eureka, and believes the First Amendment allows for free speech, even when married to a Humboldt County supervisor. By Matthew Owen. More in Opinion.

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